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Product Of The Day: Clinique 3-Step System Review

By Riddhi

Clinique is a high end brand that is dermatologically tested and has millions of fans and followers world over. So let's see how its 3-Step System actually is.

Product Details:

The products come in a little mesh bag, containing a liquid face soap, a clarifying lotion and a moisturiser. There are several size options available. We got the smallest starter kit which is supposed to last for two weeks, but would definitely last a lot longer.

Product Description:

Skin that's clear, glowing and fresh in 10 days. Dermatologist-developed 3-Step Skin Care System works gently, effectively, each step enhancing the next. Used morning and night, your customized routine of cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize will get your skin clear, smooth, radiant. Treatment works better. Makeup looks better, too.

Includes :
- Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula, 30ml
- Clarifying Lotion 3, 30ml
- Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel+, 15ml

Liquid Facial Soap For Oily Skin:

This cleanser cleans your face thoroughly and is made for skin that feels comfortable all over but gets oily in the T zone. This is a really good cleanser and lathers up quite fast. It has a little bit of a minty cool feel on the skin and has a very mild fragrance.

It is a pretty basic cleanser though and other cleansers work equally well, according to us, so if you wish to save some money, this is the one product in the 3-Step System that you could skip. Just use any other regular cleanser instead, like Clean n Clear, which is a super gentle cleanser. One thing that is really good about the Clinique Facial Soap is that you need a little bit of it at one go, so it would last you a long time.


  • Leaves your skin clean and fresh
  • Mild fragrance


  • Way too expensive
  • Other cheaper cleansers work the same

Clarifying Lotion:

Now, coming to the actual game changer of the 3-Step System. This is actually a toner, but it is so much better than any toner that you would ever use. One thing that a lot of people would find irritating about this is that it smells very strongly of alcohol, a lot like rum. But I don't mind the smell, because it works really well on the skin. It actually makes the skin look a lot brighter and shrinks the pores, and no other toner has ever worked like this. It is actually going to teach you the importance of toners so that you never think of skipping this step again. Honestly, you would see the difference after just one use. It is definitely worth the price tag. This would become the holy grail of your skincare regime if you try it out.


  • Clears your skin completely
  • Shrinks pores


  • Strong smell of alcohol

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel:

Most oily skinned women tend to skip moisturizers as they feel that this would only make their skin greasy or oily. This is not right. This comes in two different textures: a lotion for people with drier skin and a gel formula for people with oily skin. It is definitely one of the best moisturizers for oily skin as it just gets absorbed into the skin instantly and leaves the skin completely matte and shine free. The shine free effect would last you an entire day. This leaves the skin feeling fresh and hydrated. You just need less than a pea sized amount to cover your entire face, so it would last you a really long time. Is it worth the money? We think so.


  • Perfect moisturizer for oily skin
  • Fast absorbing
  • Mild fragrance
  • Little goes a long way


  • Really expensive

Price: Rs 750 for travel size kit

Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula 200 ml - Rs 1,550
Clarifying Lotion Type 3 200 ml - Rs 1,850
Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel 50 ml - Rs 2,000 and 125 ml for Rs 3,740

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