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10+ Makeup Hacks That You Can Follow Every Day, As Suggested By Beauty Experts

For some women, makeup is a must do thing every day; and for some, it is occasional. Whenever you sit to do makeup, it is not about owning the best of products and applying a coat of all of them.
Makeup is a gradual, step-by-step process that makes one look more beautiful than usual. Women who can do every step of makeup correctly definitely look stunning but the process is long.

makeup tips and hacks

For those who are not ready to spend so much time in front of the mirror, there are quick makeup tips and hacks that they can go for. These makeup tips and hacks can make one look beautiful and, at the same time, these are less time consuming.
During your makeup session, you just have to follow these in order to bag a great look.

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Makeup Hack I – Dealing With A Gloss Lipstick

It often happens that though we have our preferred shade of lipstick, it tends to be very glossy.
Here's a quick hack that you could try. Pat some translucent face powder and blend it well. This works when you want to mattify your lipstick.

Makeup Hack II – In The Absence Of An Eye Primer

Well, eye primer is just a base for your eyeshadow to stay on. You can do the same by using a liquid concealer. On the upper eyelid, apply a tiny pinch of liquid concealer before your eyeshadow, and you will notice the difference.

Makeup Hack III - To Dry The Nail Polish Faster

Every woman likes to switch her nail polish according to her clothes and makeup. But the problem is, nail polish application takes time, especially the time it takes to dry up.
The hack is after applying your nail polish, just dip your nails in a glass of cold water. This will dry your nail polish faster and after bringing out your hands from the glass of cold water (after five minutes), do pat dry.

Makeup Hack IV – To Broaden Your Eyes

Busy schedules and tough lives make the eyes look dull and sleepy. Do not try covering up with extra makeup. The hack here is using a white eye pencil.
Apply one single line of the white eye pencil on your lower eyelid, before beginning with any other eye makeup. This makes the eyes appear broader and bigger.

Makeup Hack V – Applying Powder On Your Face

Do not go with the signature style of applying a cake of powder all over your face. For powder application, you have to use different kinds of brushes.
To powder the perimeter of your face - cheeks, forehead and chin, use a large brush. For the sides of the nose and under the eyes, apply powder with an eye contour brush.

Makeup Hack VI – Applying Liquid Foundation

Women are often confused about, how much liquid foundation to apply on the face?
Well, the amount of liquid foundation depends on the kind of coverage you are aiming for. For sheer coverage, use a single coat of the liquid foundation. For medium coverage, use two coats of the liquid foundation.

Makeup Hack VII – Applying Concealer On Spots

When it comes to concealer application, it is a challenge to apply it on the Q-tip of a pimple or acne. This is because, the mouth of a concealer is flat and broad and covers an extra area than the Q-tip.
To avoid extra application of the concealer except on the spot, use an eyeliner brush to apply the concealer exactly on the Q-tip of your skin spot or pimple.

Makeup Hack VIII – Secret To Glow Makeup

For parties and celebrations, if you want a glowy makeup look and don't know how to do it, then here is a quick hack.
For that glow makeup, apply blush before the foundation on your face. This makes the makeup appear glowy. Do not put blush over the foundation.

Makeup Hack IX – How To Make The Nose Appear Sharp

Than complaining about the flat or wide nose you own, here is the remedy. There is only one cosmetic product that can make your nose appear sharper and that is, a highlighter.
Highlight the sides of your nose bridge - beginning from the inner brows - and then put a few strokes of the highlighter at the center of your nose. This will make your nose look sharper.

Makeup Hack X – Substitute For Primer

So that your mascara does not appear clamped or cluttered in your eyelashes, just use some petroleum jelly.
Apply petroleum jelly before applying the mascara on your eyelash like a moisturizer and then apply the mascara. This will gift you smooth eyelashes.

Makeup Hack XII – Buying The Right Foundation

Well, all women usually test the colour of their foundation on their hands while buying one, this is wrong. The complexion of your arms can be completely different from your face.
The good way to get your ideal foundation is by trying it on your neck. This is because, the complexion of the neck and face is the same and there remains no scope of buying a wrong foundation.

All these makeup hacks and tips are suggested by eminent professionals who have been actively serving in the beauty industry for long and thus, the outcome is rest assured.

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