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Peek-a-boo To The Honeymoon Bride's Makeup Kit

Shopping for the wedding and its associated ceremonies is a custom. Shopping for the honeymoon is exciting, adventurous and experimental. After all, you haven't been to a honeymoon and there are so many things you plan to do and you will do - but oops, you can't tell anyone.

In this thrilling honeymoon that you are planning with your man, there is one part that you have to take care of entirely and he is hardly interested in the same and that is your makeup kit!

The men can manage the one week of honeymoon without their shaving kits, borrowing some cream from you in case their skin gives up. But ladies, you cannot miss your beauty care that too during your honeymoon.

Honeymoon is the span when you will most closely be watched and observed by your husband and you definitely don't want any embarrassing moment right/ So arrange all your makeup goodies exactly how it is planned here and then go for the honeymoon. Believe us, this list of makeup essentials will protect your skin and will make it easy to mesmerise your partner in crime.


Perfumes, Aromas And Fragrances

Do not spoil your close and intimate moments with a bad smell. No matter how hectic the trips might be, you have got to smell good all through the honeymoon. So from Cologne to perfume, tuck in all in a separate bag. Also, how about mesmerizing your man with different aromas every day? To do this, you have to ensure that you carry different kinds of perfumes.


Lotions, Moisturiser And Creams

How jam-packed your honeymoon tour might be, you cannot compromise on the skin essentials, right? Your skin needs to be hydrated all day long. So, do carry your lotions, moisturisers, and creams. Many a times, even your husband may take a share from your cream collection, in case he forgets to carry his own.


Sunscreen And Sunblock Creams

Jungle, hills, rivers, island or forest - you will be spending a long time of the day in direct exposure to the sun during the trip. Ensure that for all those moments, you carry along your sunblock or sunscreen creams, so that your skin remains protected, despite your busy touring plans.


Lipstick And Other Lip Essentials

One of the easy ways to add a new look every day is, changing your lip colour. So, based on the clothes and accessories you are carrying and the duration of your honeymoon, ensure you have enough options to browse over lipsticks and lip colours. That is one of the eye-catching and attention-grabbing part of your makeup.


Nail Colour With Remover

Exactly like your lip colours, how about changing your nail colours during the honeymoon? You can match the nail colour with your clothes and therefore make your hands tantalizing for him. Yes, to change your nail colour every day, do not miss to carry the nail paint remover and cotton balls along.


Compact, Bronzer And Illuminator

Some makeup is definitely required during the honeymoon to stun your darling husband. If it is a date by the beach at night, the makeup goes up and in case it is a jungle safari in the morning - the makeup goes down. But without makeup, no honeymoon is possible. So do not miss to carry the basics of your makeup like compact, bronzer and illuminator. Some loose powder and concealer can be packed in as well if you have space.


Wet Wipes And Tissues

One of the essentials for the honeymoon or for any trip is wet wipes or tissues. Not only for beauty care, these come in use for plenty of other purposes. So, keep ample wet wipes and tissues in the makeup kit and ensure you keep it handy, so that you get it when you want.


Face Cleanser And Toner

Once again, because you are busy with your bae, you can't neglect on your skin. You would require your cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Carrying your scrubber is purely optional and based on your skin requirements.


Kajal, Eyeliner And Other Eye Beauty Accessories

To coat your eyes with a sensational makeup during the honeymoon, the basics are an eyeliner and kajal. If you think you will have time, scope and energy to do more makeup on your eyes, then do carry the eye pencils, eye shadow palette and more.


Oral Care Products

Lastly, making your lips appear kiss-ready is quite important during a honeymoon. Here comes the role of healthy teeth and oral hygiene, so that bad breathe does not turn off your husband. For this, along with only the toothbrush and toothpaste, even dental floss, tongue scraper and mouthwash are important essentials to carry in the kit of a honeymoon bride.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 27, 2017, 17:30 [IST]
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