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Must-buy Makeup Products To Amp Up Your Glamour Quotient This Festive Season

By Shabana

It is the season of festivities! There are loads of festivals lined up in the coming months.

Festivals provide us with a much-needed break from the usual work-home routine. It is also a time when all the family members, who are spread far and wide, come together to have a blast. It is the time to make memories, which will last you for the rest of the year.


Festivals also give us scope to flaunt our finest, be it clothing or jewellery. You get the chance to be at your blingy best. You may be preparing from months in advance for the festival, choosing the right dress and matching jewellery.

The latest trend, however, in festival dressing, is Indo-Western outfits. Look around the net for inspiration and try to create an outfit by mixing and matching pieces which are already there in your wardrobe. You just need to think out of the box.

Apart from clothes and jewellery, there is one more important thing that will make or break your look. Makeup!

The game of makeup is forever evolving and if you want to stay ahead in the game, you should be aware that festivals require different makeup. Festivals are all about shimmer and shine and your makeup should reflect that.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of makeup products that you need to buy, ASAP.


1) Primer:

No makeup can be done without a primer. We repeatedly stress on the use of primer before applying your makeup, as most of them are unaware of its benefits.

Investing in a good primer will do you plenty of good. It will make your face ready for makeup by making the skin tone even. It will hide the open pores and smoothen out the skin, so that the foundation will easily glide on.

Festivals usually extend into late-nights, which means you have to re-do your makeup every couple of hours. A primer eliminates a need for that, as it makes the makeup last long. It also creates a barrier between our skin and makeup, so that the pores are not clogged.


2) Foundation:

If you survive on BB creams in your daily routine, it is time to buy a foundation with medium/heavy coverage. It will help you cover your flaws much better. If you are one of them whose skin is clear, then a sheer foundation is recommended.

Foundations give you a proper base for a heavy festive look makeup. So, make sure to opt for a foundation which is closer to your skin tone for a more natural look. Apply only as needed in order to avoid looking cakey.


3) Blush:

During the festive season, upgrade to a shimmery blush. It will give you that amazing glow in between all those lights and make you stand out. It is completely okay to go OTT during the festive season. In fact, the more, the better.


4) Liquid Liner And Mascara:

Liquid liner will give you a bold look. Instead of the usual straight line, experiment with cat eyes or winged tips. It looks amazing for festive occasions. Choose a voluminous mascara that will define your lashes and give it the much-needed volume.


5) Shimmer, Shimmer And More Shimmer:

Using shimmer in everything is legit during the festive season. Be it shimmery eyeshadow or lip gloss. Just make sure not to apply everything in shimmer all over your face at once. You DO NOT want to give competition to the Diwali lights, do you?


Points To Remember For That Perfect Festival Look:

1. Cleanse your face before applying makeup. It will help get rid of any impurities and bring out your skin's natural glow.

2. While applying makeup, remember to highlight only one facial feature at a time. If you want to play up with your eyes, remember to downplay your lips, and likewise.

3. No matter how tired you are, you have to ensure that you remove your entire makeup before hitting the sack. Your skin needs to breathe and rejuvenate. It won't be able to do it with the layers of makeup on. Also, the probability of you waking up to a face full of ugly breakouts will be high and no amount of makeup will be able to hide that.

So, abide by the makeup rules and be the centre of attention in every party that you go to. You can thank us later.

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Story first published: Friday, August 18, 2017, 10:11 [IST]
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