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Makeup Products That Should Be Avoided During Monsoon

By Shabana

Monsoons disrupt our lives in many ways. They make our everyday tasks difficult. We need to take the weather into consideration before planning on any outings. Also, our skin and hair go haywire.

We also have to carefully choose our outfits every day. It is better to wear dark-coloured clothes and ditch those high heels during the monsoon days.

Wearing any length of skirts is not recommended due to the high winds. Always remember to carry an extra pair of clothes and foot wear just in case.

Our makeup is another thing that needs special attention during monsoon. Due to high levels of moisture and humidity in the atmosphere, our regular makeup will tend to bleed.

But don't worry. Few tweaks here and there in your makeup routine will help get you all sorted out during the season.

Here are a few products that you need to stay away from altogether during the monsoons.


1) Regular Makeup

The first thing you need to do is stock up on all the water-proof products before the start of the monsoon. Don't wait for the season to start. If you buy these products pre-season, you will end getting a huge bargain. Water-proof products will save your grace during the rains.


2) Kohl

Lining your eyes with a black kohl should be completely avoided during the monsoons, as you may end up with that ugly smudged eyes. Use a gel liner instead. It will last longer and water-proof liners will prevent smudging in the rains too.


3) Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundations will not stay on your face because of the humidity. Substitute it with a BB cream and a compact powder instead for a long-lasting stay. If you need more coverage, opt for a matte foundation to cover up any imperfections and provide you with a smooth base.


4) Lip Gloss

For your lips, a matte lipstick will be better in the rains. As the basic idea is to avoid liquid products during monsoon, your lip gloss will soon fade away. A creamy matte lipstick will stay for longer.


5) Hair Spa Products

Skip your regular appointment of hair spa during the monsoon, as the treatment may not last longer due to the rains. If your work makes you travel often, then you may not be able to completely avoid getting wet.

Though the hair gets frizzier during the rains, use homemade hair masks to get rid of the frizz. It will save you both - time and money.

More than our skin, our hair becomes a challenge to tame during the monsoons. It becomes extremely limp and frizzy due to the constant torture in the rains. One important thing to remember is to never go to sleep with wet hair.

Use a blow dryer to get rid of the moisture in your hair and scalp before sleeping, as wet hair will make you susceptible to catching a cold and it may also lead to fungal infections. Keeping your hair and skin dry during the rains is key.

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