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How To Preserve Beauty Products For Long-lasting Use

By Kripa Chowdhury

It often happens that you bring out an old handbag from the closet and find your one-time favourite lipstick inside. Yet, the lipstick cannot be used anymore because the expiry date is gone and it is unsafe for your skin. Preserving beauty products is essential to make sure these can be used for long.

Beauty or cosmetic products are expensive. It, in fact, takes a lot of effort to make a collection of all kinds of beauty products. From brushes to lipstick, nail paint or face makeup - no woman is happy with one and she needs to have a variety.

Now, when there are so many beauty products, it is important to keep them in the right place too, so that they can be used whenever we want. To avoid any mess like losing your cosmetics or mishandling them, it is important to preserve them right.

If you know how to store your beauty products correctly, you could use them for long too. Keeping and maintaining beauty products, such that they long last and can be used in future, is important and needs little effort.

Whether at home or while travelling, it is important to protect your beauty possessions in the right way. Here are more than ten ways on how you can preserve your beauty products in the right way, so that when you need them - you are in no mess.


Keep Makeup Brushes Clean

The first mistake that we do post makeup or dressing up is, leaving the brushes on the dressing table. We don't recall our makeup brushes until we need it the next time. What happens is, after using, all the minute beauty particles remain on the brush and during the next use, the particles enter the pores of skin and create allergies. The ideal way to treat the brushes is, taking them for a shower once in every two weeks. Use a shampoo to clean the brush heads, and let them dry. Makeup brushes can be arranged in a pen holder and covered with a soft tissue.


Perfect For Perfumes

Many keep their perfumes in the fridge. The idea is not very acceptable, as the extremely cold temperature can make some of the aromas vanish from the perfume. Therefore, it is better to preserve perfumes in a moderate room temperature (usually below 80 degrees Fahrenheit).


Getting An Over-sized Makeup Box

It looks very nice to display all the makeup valuables on the dressing table. However, in this way, it often becomes very tough to remember all your makeup goodies and also during travel time, you have to hunt the right bag with ample pockets, so that you can arrange your makeup products. To cut this mess, you can buy an oversized makeup box with shelves and brackets, where you keep your makeup arranged. Makeup boxes are easily portable and can be carried along during your travel time.


Separate Organizer For Lip Colours

This is very important, especially for those who love to paint their lips with new colours every day. If you have a collection of lipsticks, lip gloss and lip balm - it is very common to forget a few of them. Try lining up your lip cosmetics in a pouch, so that all are seen at the same time. An easy hack to store your lip cosmetics is using a pencil bag.


Hair Brushes & Combs

The ideal way is, keeping a big nylon brush and sticking your combs on top of it. Or, you can simply get a bag separately for your combs and hair brushes. The aim is to protect them from getting dirty or dusted. Do not miss to wash your hair combs and brushes on a regular basis.


In The Fridge

All of us know that the smartest way of preserving beauty products is putting them in the fridge. However, the confusion here is, which beauty product can be kept in the fridge, so that it doesn't get damaged in the extreme temperature? You can keep your lipstick, face masks, toners, moisturizers, creams, and eyeliners in the fridge. Many makeup products come with an ideal temperature to store, so do check that before putting anything in the fridge.


Keep Cotton In A Covered Box

Whether you love makeup or it is a very occasional phenomenon, cotton is a basic, found in all woman's dressing table. However, keeping the cotton ball going around makes it dusty and cannot be used further. When learning how to keep beauty products, note that keeping cotton in a closed box is the ideal way to keep it clean and safe for anytime use.


Prepare A Nailpaint Kit

Exactly how you can forget about all the lip colours you have, you can miss out on the nail paints as well. As a remedy, prepare a nail paint box. The size of the nail paint box depends on the number of colours you own. In case you plan to extend your collection, go for a big nail paint box or a small one can solve the purpose too.


Use Adhesive Tapes While Travelling

How to keep beauty products, especially when travelling, is a concern. Many women on reaching their destination find that in their suitcase the lotion or shampoo gets flooded, which damages the surrounding valuables as well. Here, before packing your makeup in the bag, trying using adhesive tapes to fix their heads in place, so that despite movements, they don't go out of the container. Use strong adhesive tapes and you can cut them when you want to use the beauty products.


Hair Accessory Box

So many kinds of hair accessories we own - rubber bands, hair clips, clutches, ribbons and so on. Hair accessories are usually small in size and keep going all over the dressing table or handbag and finally, we lose them. To preserve your hair beauty products, get a box and keep them. A box with enough segments can make a better hair accessory box.


Store Toiletries In The Washroom

Now, there are some beauty products that we use only in the washroom and not where the dressing table is kept. For example, shampoo, body wash, face wash and so on. How about keeping these beauty products that we use in the washroom there itself than crowding the dressing table? Some beauty products in the washroom makes it easy to use and also looks good.


Use Of Glass Jars

Introducing glass jars of different sizes on your dressing table helps in preserving your beauty products. Put in your hair combs in one jar or safety pins in the other. Depending on the size of your glass jar, you can decide what you will keep in it.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 21, 2017, 14:00 [IST]
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