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How To Fake Thick Eyebrows

By Rima Chowdhury

A super thick and broad eyebrow can help to enhance your facial feature and also help to beautify your face. Only a few girls are lucky enough to be blessed with thick eyebrows and the rest of them suffer from super thin and sparse eyebrows.

One best part about having thick eyebrows is that it instantly gives you a youthful appearance and also enhances your other facial features, increasing your feminine appeal.

Well, if you are interested in faking a thick eyebrow, here are some simple points/remedies you should consider.


1. Use An Eyebrow Pencil

Using an eyebrow pencil is one among the important things that can help to fake a thick eyebrow. In order to get an instantly thick eyebrow, you should use an eyebrow pencil and make the arches. Make a thick outline of the eyebrow and make sure you use the same coloured eyebrow pencil, so that it matches the colour of your eyebrow hair.


2. Fake With Powder

Applying powder is another method that can help to fake a thick eyebrow. A lot of people and experts have claimed that using powder on the eyebrow can help to instantly create an impression of fake eyebrows. Also, it helps to make your eyebrow look fuller and darker. Use some brown colour powder, so that it create an impression of fake brows.


3. Use An Eyebrow Conditioner

Just like a hair conditioner, there are eyebrow conditioners available in the market. In order to get flawless eyebrows, you should be using an eyebrow conditioner. Using eyebrow conditioners can help to amp up your beauty quotient to a great extent.


4. Olive Oil

Using olive oil is one among the best remedies that can help to fake a thick eyebrow. Regular application of olive oil helps to boost hair growth and also prevent the hair from going out of order. Apply some olive oil with the help of a cotton swab, as it helps to promote thick and long eyebrows like what you might have always dreamt of. Massage your eyebrows with this and leave it overnight.


5. Use An Eyebrow Brush

Using an eyebrow brush is another important task that can not only help to enhance the look of your eyebrow, but also make it look fuller. Using an eyebrow brush helps to give you a proper shape of the eyebrow and also blends the colours properly. It also helps to fill the eyebrow properly and prevent your hair from getting separated from each other.


6. Eyebrow Gel

An eyebrow gel can help the eyebrow hair to stick together also boosting its growth. Yes, there are varieties of eyebrow gels that are available in the market, which help to keep the eyebrow hair in place and also create an impression of fake thick eyebrows. Using an eyebrow gel is one among the best ways that can help to fake a thick eyebrow.


7. Coconut Oil

Using coconut oil is another important remedy that can help to boost eyebrow hair growth. Coconut oil boosts hair growth and also enhances its appearance. Take some coconut oil and massage your eyebrows with this. Wait for some time and wash off with water. Apart from this, you can apply coconut oil on the eyebrows with the help of a cotton swab and dab some powder on to it and voilà, you are ready to go.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 5, 2017, 12:34 [IST]
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