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How To Contour And Highlight Your Nose: Makeup Tutorials

By Jaiwantika Dutta Dhupkar

If you aren't too happy with what the nose God has given you and are one of those who believes you ought to have another kind of a nose - and that doing so would drastically improve your life and prospects in some way - then the good news is that you can actually have the nose of your dreams.

Not just that, you can achieve your dream nose shape in less than twenty minutes, using absolutely NO invasive procedures!

The nose you've always fantasized about can indeed be sitting pretty on your face in just twenty minutes flat - if you master some simple contouring and highlighting tricks.

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A longer, slimmer nose is all about creating the right shadows in the right places, while simultaneously highlighting other flattering features. So, here's a quick guide to getting the perfect nose, simply with makeup:


Step One - The Right Foundation

Invest in a quality foundation for your skin type. It should match your skin tone and should be easy to apply. Liquid foundations are a popular choice, as are BB creams.

You shouldn't skip the foundation, as it preps your skin for the contouring and highlighting that is to follow. Blend your foundation properly all over your face, and use circular motions with your fingers to ensure it adheres well.


Step Two - Conceal Like A Pro:

Use a concealer wand or stick to apply a concealer onto your T-Zone, your under-eye area, the area around your mouth, and the corners of your nose.

Cover up the blemishes, if any. Use your fingers first to blend the concealer, and then use a brush in quick circular motions to make sure it's perfectly blended.


Step Three - Contour:

To contour your nose, you can either use a contour stick in a shade that's about three to four times darker than your regular skin tone or a darker liquid foundation.

For instance, if your skin is a shade of beige, contour with a shade that's a shade of chocolate. Draw a long line along the length of your nose on either side. The closer the two lines are, the slimmer your nose will appear. Now blend the lines, one after the other.

If you think they stand out of your face too much, you can neutralize them a bit with some powder in a lighter shade.

Draw the lines all the way from your nostrils to the point where your eyes meet your nose, and blend well.

Then, emphasize the tip of your nose by contouring, again: draw a semicircle under the tip of your nose and another above the tip of your nose (or where you'd like the tip of your nose to appear).

Blend these two semicircles, so that they form a sort of circle around the tip of your nose.


Step Four - Highlight:

Using your highlighter, draw an inverted triangle of about 2 cm just where your nose meets your forehead.

Also, draw a long, straight line down the spine of your nose and a little circle at the tip of it. Blend the highlighter in well.

The final effect should be of a nose that is contoured on the sides and highlighted in the centre -a nose that appears much longer and slimmer than it did before.

So, what are you waiting for? Master the perfect nose shape today and you'll never have another bad nose day in your life again!

Story first published: Monday, July 24, 2017, 11:13 [IST]
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