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For Everyday Makeup, You Must Own These Types Of Makeup Brushes

For some, makeup might be a very occasional thing to do. But there does exist a heavy portion of women for whom makeup is an everyday activity.

Not that they do it as a task, but for them makeup is important and they do it in order to portray themselves at their best. Many debate makeup as time consuming and thus they keep it for special occasions.

But those who really do makeup every day with passion do accept that makeup can also be done quick if there is a right set of cosmetics and, most importantly, makeup brushes.

Owning the right kind of makeup brushes is very important because these actually help you do the makeup much more flawless. If you do not have the right makeup brush and you think your fingers will do the job, then that would lead to a big blunder.

Thus, if you belong to the brigade of women who love makeup and do it every day, do make sure to buy the following makeup brushes, as they are useful and will help you do your makeup faster and better.

Along with owning these, you have to ensure to maintain them clean, so that they do not harm your skin over time.


Foundation Brush

All women apply foundation and it's a foundation brush that can do the job perfectly. Foundation brushes balance the distribution of the product all over the face. Foundation might concentrate on your skin lines and pores. It's the foundation brush that can make it smooth and not let it appear cakey.


Concealer Brush

With increasing problem of pimples, acne and skin spots, a concealer brush is becoming a must own. It's pointed and thin and helps you to conceal your skin flaws in the right way. With the tip of the brush, take a dot of your concealer, apply it on the spot and then blend away.


Beauty Blender Sponge

Though this does not look like a makeup brush this belongs to the category of makeup brushes. The sponge is used to blend makeup all over the face. Experts suggest wetting the sponge a little before its use. The beauty blender sponge gets dirty easily, and you must change it frequently than your other makeup brushes.


Angled Makeup Brush

Among your must-own makeup brushes, a very important one is the angled makeup brush. An angled makeup brush is used to apply the blush on your face. To use this in the right way, first apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks with the bristles and then glide it to the cheekbones by holding the same brush in an angle.


Eye Makeup Brushes

Under the eye makeup brushes, the must own are an eyeliner brush, a mascara brush and an eyeshadow brush. Apply your eye makeup with these three brushes to ensure all of them cover the right portion, side or area of the eye. Usually, you don't need to buy eye makeup brushes separately, as they come with the product.


Fan Brush

A very important brush that even makeup haters must own is a fan brush. Its role is to stroke off all the extra makeup on your face to add a sheer to your look. You should use this at the end of your makeup session and only on the face. This gets dirty easily and also needs frequent alteration.

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Story first published: Monday, September 25, 2017, 16:30 [IST]
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