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Eye Makeup Ideas For Work That Are Easy & Quick To Do

Early in the morning, amidst breakfast, traffic, phone calls and so on, women tend to reserve the least time for makeup. Without makeup, they look dull and lifeless at office. So before work, no matter how busy a woman might be, she could definitely try certain easy eye makeup ideas for work that wouldn't give her a dull look.

Eye makeup definitely plays a key role in giving you that look. This is because early in the morning the eyes turn out to look the most gloomy and puffy without any makeup on. Adjusting the eyes to bring it to its normal state and making it look decent at work is only possible with some eye makeup.

Often eye makeup is mistaken as a long process and thus, women do not indulge in that in the morning. This makes the women appear dull and gloomy even at work. As a remedy to this every morning dull eye problem, we bring to you 5 best eye makeup ideas that you can follow every day to work.

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These easy eye makeup ideas are simple to do early in the morning with least of cosmetics required yet making your eyes look appealing.


Smudged Eye Makeup

Often, women think that smudged eye makeup makes one appear clumsy and dirty. This is completely wrong. If you know the right way of applying the smudged eye makeup, then that can surely be taken to your work place. With a smudged eye makeup look, ensure your eyelash is neatly curled with some gentle strokes of mascara. This follows with some eyeshadow smudging on the upper eyelid while the bottom is kept clean.

Tip: Pick the eyeshadow colour based on the colour of your eyeliner and kohl.


Highlighting Eyeshadow

Those with small eyes can go for this. In this case, you use an eyeshadow colour that makes your eyes come to the limelight. Only a thick coat of an eyeliner or kohl is applied to make the eye outline more prominent. This eye makeup entirely depends on the eyeshadow colour you pick. If you look at the picture carefully, then here the eyeshadow is evenly spread over the upper eyelid and a touch of it is also visible down below.

Tip: Ensure you apply the eyeshadow and then do not miss to smudge it out.


Extended Eyeliner

There are some women who do not like colouring their eyes and prefer sticking to black at all times. For them, this eye makeup for work is an ideal pick. You can extend the eyeliner as long as you want, so that your little effort on your eyes is visible.

Tip: The eyeliner on both the sides should be of equal length.


Nude Eye Makeup

By the name, it may sound like you will have to wakeup and not do anything with your eyes, but a nude eye makeup will actually need a little time and effort to do. For the nude eye makeup look, your eyeshadow should be at par with your complexion. Some eyeliner, kajal, and mascara is a must. When doing the nude eye makeup look, it does not need to be at par with the colour of your attire. Nude eye makeup can be glittery as well.


Double Eyeliner

Once again for women who do not like colour around their eyes, this double eyeliner is an ideal eye makeup pick for office. You can carry this after office to a party or casual outings as well. Here, a thick line of the eyeliner ends at the edge of the eyes divided into two wings. The only cosmetic required to do this eye makeup for work is an eyeliner. You can add some kajal as an added glam factor to your eyes.

Tip: This eye makeup can be done with a coloured eyeliner as well.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 1, 2017, 12:35 [IST]
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