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8 Hacks To Follow So That The Makeup Is Long Lasting On Oily Skin

Extra-active oil glands on the skin produce sebum or extra oil, which makes makeup a challenge on oily skin. Right after the application of makeup, even if they manage a good look; it retires after considerable amount of time - making the face appear cakey and muddy.

Though oily skin can be treated with many home remedies and cosmetics, when it comes to makeup - it's just like an impossible task to have it on an oily skin.

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However here are certain hacks and tips that can be followed while applying makeup on an oily skin, which will make it last for long. So, take a look at the hacks and tips that can make your makeup last for long on an oily skin, if it is followed in the right way.


Start With The Primer

It may sound disappointing, but the oily skin texture is not meant for makeup. The oil does not let the makeup to stay in place, thereby making it appear cakey and muddy after a point of time. So, when doing makeup on oily skin, one should start with a primer. Try buying a primer that is oil resistant and has a matte finish backed by long-lasting claim. The primer makes the oily skin texture change and prepare to hold on to the makeup that will be applied. However, for the eyes, always use a separate eye primer such that the eye makeup can well settle in.


Mineral Makeup

Those planning for a heavy makeup on the oily skin must do mineral makeup composed of oil-free inorganic minerals that do not get affected due to the oil content of the skin. Zinc oxide and titanium oxide compose the mineral makeup - both acting as a sunscreen agent for the skin. So, when going for a mineral makeup, on one hand, you don't need to worry about it's after-effect on oily skin and two, you can skip the sunscreen. Mineral makeup products are easily available online and in makeup stores.


Face Powder – A Key To Long-lasting Makeup

One of the keys to long-lasting makeup on oily skin is using a face powder. No matter how much makeup you apply, the natural skin oil makes it glossy. So when you end with a face powder touch up, the glossiness goes off and this also makes the foundation last long on the skin. So, that the entire face does not get painted with white powder, you can apply it only on the perimeter of the face - forehead, cheeks, and chin.


Moisturiser With Hyaluronic Acid

Those with oily skin are often bugged with the problem of pores. Oily skinned women have more pores that get clogged on applying makeup. The hack for this is to start your makeup with a moisturizer that has hyaluronic acid content. The hyaluronic acid content of the moisturizer primarily hydrates the skin and also shrinks the pores, eradicating all the scope of makeup or pore clogging.


Ideal Compact For Oily Skin

When buying cosmetics, oily skinned women are often confused which compact to go for. Though most brands claim their compacts to be oil-control ones on application, there is hardly any rescue from the usual clogging or cakey appearance. Here the saviour is a matte compact that has a long-lasting claim. Do not go for cushion compacts or luminous compacts, as they are a threat for oily skin.


Carry Blotting Papers

The moment you realize oil secretion is making your makeup go dull, take the blotting paper and dab it on the shiny regions. The blotting paper takes off the extra oil from the skin, making it appear smooth. You have to dab the blotting paper and not rub it all over.


Counting On The Concealer

Irrespective of the skin type, concealer is a must-own product. Acne, blemish or an old pimple mark cannot block your makeup plan. Use a concealer on the spot where the mark is in such cases, and it will surely vanish within no time. Among concealers, there are various varieties. For oily skin, the ideal concealer is - a spot corrector concealer pen. When having an oily skin, going for an oil-based liquid concealer is a strict NO.

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Story first published: Monday, July 31, 2017, 18:19 [IST]
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