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Different Types Of Mascara Wands You Should Know About

By Rima Chowdhury

Mascaras are one among the basic makeup essentials that can help to enhance your look to a great extent. Mascara wand can help to increase the length of an eyelash, curl it properly and also make it look more voluminous. You can find different types of mascara wands in the market, which can be used for this purpose.

Mascara should be used by every girl in order to make her eyelash look good and appealing. The only thing that you should remember before purchasing the mascara is to concentrate on your mascara wand.

There are more than five different types of mascara wands available in the market, which should be chosen according to the eyelash shape and size.

So, here we mention to you different types of mascara wands that can help to give you the maximum benefit.


1. Thin Bristle Wand

Thin bristle wand can help to curl your lashes perfectly and also make them look light and natural. Bristle wand is generally used by girls who have short eyelashes. Take the thin bristle wand and roll your eyelashes in an upward direction and repeat this 2-3 times.


2. Thick Wands

We have always heard, bigger is better, and it is the same case when it comes to mascara wands too. Using mascara with thick wands can help to uplift the lashes naturally and also add more volume to them. Thick mascara wands are generally used by girls who are looking for heavy and voluminous lashes. Coat your lashes two to three times with the help of a thick mascara wand, so that it helps to distribute the mascara evenly.


3. Curved Wand

Curved wand is an easy to use wand, which can help to curl your lashes properly. Curved mascara wand is generally used by women who are too busy and are short of time. This type of a mascara wand is much more effective than any other mascara wand when it comes to curling your eyelashes naturally. However, the only drawback to this wand is that the curls on the eyelashes do not last for longer.


4. Thin And Straight Wand

Thin and straight wand mascara is generally used by women who want to coat their lashes individually. It helps to coat each and every eyelash individually, thus giving you a perfect finish. Take the mascara wand, curl your lashes in an upward direction and coat them one by one.


5. Micro Tip Wand

Mascara wand with a micro tip is extremely difficult to find but yes, they are one among the useful types of mascara wands. Micro tip wand can help to give a dark pigmentation effect onto your lashes and also it makes sure to cover every single eyelash. Micro tip wand and thin wands are generally the same; but the only difference is that a micro tip wand does not give a good coverage as a thin or straight wand does.


6. Comb Master Wand

Comb master wand is the best type of mascara wand if you are looking to prevent extra clumps on the eyelashes. Clumps on the eyelashes are generally found due to the bad quality of the mascara and wand as well. Using comb master wand helps to distribute the mascara equally on to the lashes, thus giving you a natural look. Comb master wand does not curl your eyelashes, but makes them look voluminous.


7. Fat Brush Wand

Fat brush wand is a common type of mascara wand which is used to give a full coverage to your eyelashes. The fatter the wand, the better the coverage is. It makes your eyelashes good and voluminous and also gives a natural appearance to the look. The amount of mascara required by the fat brush wand is much more than other mascara wands in the list.

Story first published: Saturday, June 10, 2017, 9:00 [IST]
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