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Different Types Of Concealers You Can Choose From

By Riddhi

Concealers are something that we rely on a lot to hide that sudden pesky pimple that decides to pop up right before an important event or function. There are different types of concealers available in the markets today. We will tell you about all the different types.

Concealers are also of great use when you've spent a late night working or reading or just binge watching. All that time in front of a TV or laptop cannot be good for your peepers. So, you inevitably end up with dark circles.

Knowing what type of formulations go well for your skin type really help when you're picking a concealer. It is also important to determine the thickness and texture of the concealer.

Part of it also depends on the severity of the flaw you are trying to conceal, for example light-weight concealers would just make the flaw look much worse by highlighting it. So, here's a guide to knowing all the different types of concealers that are available.


1. Cream Concealers:

These offer the most high coverage and are best suited for people who have heavy blemishes. Go for the one with a slight peachy orange tinge to it when dealing with heavy dark circles. You can use this with a brush or your fingers.


2. Liquid Concealers:

These often come with a sponge tip wand or an applicator, which makes application super easy. They offer a medium-to-high coverage and are buildable. They are easier to blend and better for dry skin types.


3. Pen Concealers:

These come with an attached brush applicator and look like a marker. Along with providing coverage, they also highlight the skin. This is best for the under-eye area, but it does not provide high coverage, so go for it if you have mild dark circles. Or you can use it over a heavier concealer. Whichever concealer you use, remember to blend it well and then to finish it with setting powder, so that it does not crease.


4. Colour Correctors:

Sometimes, no matter how thick the concealer is, it just doesn't cut it. That's where a colour corrector steps in. The different shades of colour correctors negate different problem areas, like orange negating purple for under-eye circles, and pink for dull skin, and so on.

Story first published: Tuesday, February 21, 2017, 20:00 [IST]
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