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Colour Of The Lipstick Determines Whiteness Of The Teeth, Really?

Lipstick colours play a significant role for a woman. Also, it is the lipstick colour that determines how much white her teeth is. This may sound very unusual but it stands absolutely true.

Ladies can try it themselves. We have suggested a list of lipstick colours here that make the teeth appear whiter, do not miss to try them out. On the other hand, pick any other lipstick out from this list and you will see your teeth becoming yellowish, despite your everyday brushing and caring.

Lipstick according to Complexion | किस स्किन टोन पर फबती है कौन सी LIPSTICK | Boldsky

So that your teeth do not appear yellow, and is exposed at its best white, here are the colours that ladies can count on. If this lipstick shade suits your complexion, without further thoughts go for it, as it will display your teeth white and neat.

Check the colours, ladies!

Lipstick colours that make the teeth appear white in colour. Ladies, here's your pick.

  • Super lustrous cherry
  • Pinkish nude
  • Dark pink
  • Red
  • Fuchsia
  • Maroon
  • Magenta
  • Mulberry wine

So, next time when in plan to buy a lipstick, ladies roll your eyes around the above-mentioned shades.

We also have listed those lipstick colours that can make the teeth appear yellowish. Avoid the following if you want to portray a charismatic persona and not spoil your impression.

  • Orange
  • Peech
  • Neon lip colours
  • Frosty shimmer with any bright shade
  • Mango dark yellow/light orange
  • Brown
  • Chocolate

Tips To Apply Lipstick Right

Along with picking the colour, it is important to know the right lipstick applying tricks, such that there is no mess during your busy makeup hour.

a) Always apply two coats of your lipstick colour. Apply the first coat, blot your lips and then apply the second layer of lip colour.

b) When done with lipstick application completely, brush some transluscent powder with a fluffy blush on your lips. This makes the lipstick last long.

c) Before applying lipstick, you should always scrub and moisturize your lips. Scrubbing lips can be thrice in a week. Moisturizing the lips should be an everyday thing.

d) Do not miss to use a lip liner if you are bad in maintaining the boundary and edges of the lipstick.

e) If your lipstick gets smudgesd beyond the lips, use a few drops of a concealer to clear out the extra.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 21, 2017, 19:30 [IST]
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