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Basics Of Smoky Eyes To Learn Before You Go For The Look

Women prefer going for makeup that is trending and in the eye section, one of the most popular looks that women always want to have is the smoky eye look.

Smoky eyes imply having a shaded colour all around the eye region, so that the eyes become the most attractive part of the face. Now to do this are "basics" that you must know and the right kind of "cosmetics" that can help accentuate the look.

If you also want to try having the smoky eye look to be counted among the fashionistas, here are the basics that you've got to keep in mind. Read on and make a note of these.


Different Colours For Smoky Eyes

Many women think that smoky eyes implies only smudging out the area with black colour. Those who think so are very wrong, as smokey eyes can be much more than black. It can be silver, golden, blue, purple, red or pink and so on, depending on your personal choice.



To do the smokey eyes right at home, one needs more than one kind of a brush. The brushes required to do smoky eyes rightly are a blending brush, fluffy blending brush, eyeshadow brush and an angled brush. Depending on which cometic you are applying around your eye area, you have to pick the right brush.


Beginners In The Smoky Eye Makeup Look

Smoky eye makeup is not only about the eye products. A good smoky eye makeup starts with application of a primer and concealer on your eyelids. Applying primer and concealer one after the other on the eyelid creates a smooth base for the rest of the eye makeup to remain in shape and place.


How Much Colour To Apply For The Smoky Eye Effect

Smoky eyes are all about having a coating on the eye region with different colours. Different portions of the eyes have different shades of colour that is applied. As shown in the picture, right below the eyebrow is the nude area, followed by liner on the edge of the eyelid. The dark colour is at the outer edge of the eyes, while light colour on the inner most corner, towards the nose side.


Consider The Shape Of Your Eyes

Just because your friends are good in doing a smoky eye makeup, it is not that they will do the same for you. Rather, your friend might put in her best, but the final effects of smoky eyes are highly dependent on the shape of the eyes. Depending on whether your eyes are big, small, round or deep socket - you should pick your smoky eye style.

Story first published: Monday, August 7, 2017, 18:00 [IST]
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