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The Different Ways To Apply Foundation

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Foundation is the "foundation of makeup". Jokes aside, everyone knows how amazing foundation can be for makeup, but it needs the right techniques for its application as well. There are actually so many different ways to apply foundation.

Depending on the finish you are looking for, pick the tool and technique you'd go for. The wrong kind of an application method can make the face look made-up and fake.

The trick to applying foundation can make or break your entire look. So, many people are unaware of how to apply foundation.

Some even pick the wrong shades. One thing we've seen a lot of people do is, pick a shade that is lighter than their skin tone in order to look fairer.

Ladies, no matter what happens, DO NOT go for lighter shades. This would only make your makeup look fake and ashy. And the foundation would turn a strange grey colour, which is just not appealing.

Here are a few techniques of application you can pick out with the finish that suits you. Take a look.


1. Stippling Brush For That Easy Use:

These brushes have finer fibres of a lighter colour on the top that would help the makeup have an airbrushed finish. A lot of people prefer this method because of how easy it is to use.


2. Careful When Using The Fingers:

A method used by maximum people is to use their fingers for applying makeup. While it does have its benefits, like warming up the product before it touches the skin, this is also the easiest way to get excessive product on your face. So, be very careful of this fact.


3. Go Easy While Using A Flat Brush:

Flat brushes are soft, but with denser fibres. This helps in literally painting your face with the product. It doesn't really provide an airbrush finish though.


4. Go In For Sponges:

Our most favourite way to apply makeup would definitely be with a sponge. Specifically go for an egg-shaped sponge. These are multitasking and they help cover every inch of your face with makeup, with an airbrush effect. Be sure to use a damp sponge. Damp sponges even get rid of excessive product from the face, making it look really natural.


5. Try Fluffy Brushes:

Fluffy brushes have really soft bristles, so they are best to be used with powder pigments and mineral-based makeup. Use this technique for really light coverage. That's a different way you can try to apply foundation.


6. Dampen Those Cotton Balls or Pads:

Cotton balls and pads can be dampened while applying makeup. These are best if you are using alcohol-based makeup. So, try these different ways to apply foundation and remember, Pick The Right Shade.

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