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Makeup Hacks For Lazy Girls

By: Riddhi Roy

Who doesn't want to look like they spent hours on their look without actually having spent hours? But putting on a full face of makeup, especially in the mornings, is extremely tiresome. Plus, all that makeup can never be too kind on the skin, making it an extremely bad idea for everyday use.

Too much makeup can prevent the skin from breathing and cause breakouts. It is often difficult to catch a good night's sleep, what with the immense workload and technology taking over our lives, which could in fact contribute to further dark circles.

Makeup Hacks For Lazy Girls

Think of the amount of extra sleep you could manage to get, if you didn't have to worry about getting ready in the morning.

But stepping out without makeup is also not an option, as the tiredness of the previous day tends to show on our skin. So how do you look well rested, without actually being well rested?

There are some easy hacks for achieving this and with these tricks, I promise, no one would be able to tell that you are in fact really tired. So, keep reading and become an expert at hiding your flaws!

Makeup Hacks For Lazy Girls

Use an overnight serum or oil: This helps the skin to appear fresh and glowing and well rested even when there hasn't been much rest. Apply an under eye cream to fix dark circles and fine lines.

Brightening Concealer: Keep a brightening concealer handy for the days when you don't want to put much effort. Draw an upside down triangle underneath your eyes and blend it to make the under eye area look well rested. Also, dab a tiny bit of it on the inner rim of your eyes.

Makeup Hacks For Lazy Girls

Nude Eyeliner: This can actually be really difficult to find in the Indian market, but they can be found online. They open up your eyes.

A BB or CC cream: BB and CC creams make the face look brighter without the whole deal of caking up a foundation. Additionally, CC creams provide the added benefit of colour correction, combating all signs of redness, purple dark circles and patches on the skin all in one product, making it perfect for lazy girls. It gives a smooth finish with the help of a light coverage product.

Makeup Hacks For Lazy Girls

Lip And Cheek Stain: Multipurpose products are the best things that could ever happen to those of us who are in a rush. These add a pop of colour to the otherwise dull and tired faces. Similarly, you can also use a normal bright pink lipstick as both a blush and a lip stain.

Brows: This step can be skipped, of course. It depends on how much importance you give to your brows. Filled in brows can make a huge impact on the entire face.

Makeup Hacks For Lazy Girls

Just take a dark grey eyeshadow and fill in the gaps in your eyebrows. Do not use the colour black, as this can make you look really harsh.

Eyelashes: Last but not in any way the least, use at least two coats of mascara.I hope this saves your time the next morning!

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 13, 2016, 18:01 [IST]
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