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How To Get Ready For A Party After Work?

By Riddhi

Sudden plans or parties coming up when you're at work is no stranger to any of us. So, how do you get ready for a party after work, without carrying a hoard of makeup products with you?

We will tell you how. After knowing all this, you don't need to worry about cancelling those plans or rushing back home. You can definitely go right after work to attend any party now.

These are handy tips and tricks that everyone should know of, and some products should always be kept in your handbag for such an event. As long as you keep these things with you, you'd be sorted for life for every sudden plan that comes up.

No, you don't have to carry your entire makeup bag along with you, just a few necessities would work fine. This would be a really simple makeup look, but it does not mean that you would look bad.

So, keep reading to find out how to get ready for a party after work.

1. Travel-Sized Face Wash: Always keep a travel-sized face wash handy with you in your bag. This will help you feel fresh and help get rid of the previous makeup stains.

2. Lipstick: Every handbag should have a lipstick. We would suggest a classic red lipstick. Red makes you look glamorous instantly.

3. Use Lipstick As A Blush Too: Double up your lipstick as a blush. This makes sure that your lipstick and blush match and don't look too fake.

4. BB Cream: A BB cream is a moisturiser, sunscreen, primer and a foundation all in one. And a multipurpose product is an absolute must have for a handbag, don't you think so?

5. Lip Balm: Our lips tend to get super dry, especially if you use matte lipsticks. A lip balm should be handy for when you want to get ready for a party after work.

6. Pressed Powder: To make yourself look and feel fresh, always keep a compact powder with you. This helps get rid of the excess oil on the face.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 23:00 [IST]
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