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How To Hide Your Dark Circles With Makeup

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We all fall victim to dark circles at some point of our lives. It is plain impossible to get just enough sleep these day. So, the knowledge of how to get rid of dark circles with makeup is an extremely important one.

Hiding flaws using makeup is a real art, and a trick that everyone should master because sometimes, even after sleeping a lot, you could be left with dark circles. They may look cute on pandas, but they definitely don't look good on human beings.

So, what do you do when you have dark circles? No, simple foundation does not work. At most, covering it with foundation can make it look worse and fake. It shows that you have tried really hard to hide those dark circles.

But, it doesn't mean that the foundation is bad. It just means that foundation was simply not made for covering up major flaws like dark circles and pimple marks.

That's when concealers come to the rescue. But, did you think that plain concealer will help you hide those marks? No, there's a proper technique to do this. So, read on to find out how to hide dark circles with makeup.

Base: Make sure your base makeup is done before you venture on to a concealer.

how to hide dark circles with makeup

Correct: Dab a single stroke of an orange lipstick under the eye. This helps get rid of any purple undertones once you've put on the concealer.
how to hide dark circles with makeup

Shape: Draw an upside down triangle underneath your eyes with the concealer and then blend the orange and the concealer together in slow dabbing motions, using your fingertips. Remember to dab and not rub.
Highlight: Highlight the area using a concealer in a shade lighter than your actual skin tone. This gives the impression that you are wide awake and have really bright eyes.
how to hide dark circles with makeup

Powder: Set this using a translucent powder, so that the makeup stays long and does not crease.

There, that's exactly how you can hide dark circles with makeup. Try these tricks on and let us know your feedback.

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