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Easy Steps To Hide A Scar With Makeup

By Riddhi

Scars are not usually meant to be hidden, as one should always be confident with the way they look. But, in case you need a little bit of help in feeling confident, makeup can always help you with that, which is why we are sharing with you easy steps to hide a scar with makeup.

Sometimes, inevitably the scars remain on the face. This can cause a lot of confidence issues to the one having the scar. Mind you, these steps wouldn't hide very heavy scars.

And to be honest, contrary to what everyone believes, concealer is not at all what you need to be able to hide your scars. Hiding the scars needs the right techniques and tools.

You will need a foundation or a BB cream, primer, face wash, compact powder, colour corrector or an orange lipstick and, of course, a thick concealer. Don't worry, you won't need any fancy brushes or sponges, as using your hands is the best way to go about this.

So, keep reading to find out how you can hide a scar from a cut or even a pimple mark with makeup!

1. Clean: The area needs to be clean of all oil, dirt and grime. Use a gentle soap or a face wash to clean it. This is the first essential step to hide a scar with makeup.

2. Moisturise: The next step is to moisturise the area, so that the makeup sticks.

3. Prime: Apply a small amount of primer to the area, so that the makeup lasts all day long and to create a smooth surface for the makeup.

4. Correct: Apply just a tiny dot of orange lipstick on the area. Orange negates purple, and since most scars have purple undertones, this really helps. This tip is best suited for bruises.

5. BB Cream: Apply BB cream on the area. BB cream works better than foundation, as it gives a natural finish.

6. Dab: Now, this is a really important step to hide a scar with makeup. Make sure you dab the product with your fingers and do not rub it. Dab it, so that it naturally settles on the skin.

7. Conceal: Now, add a thick layer of concealer over this. Make sure you apply it evenly.

8. Blend: Blend it in the same dabbing motion.

9. Repeat If Needed: If the scar is stubborn and still shows, you can repeat the step of the concealer.

10. Set: Set the entire thing using compact powder.

11. Brush off the Excess: Use a brush to get rid of any excess product.

12. Tissue: Do a tissue test to see if the makeup budges by gently placing a tissue on the scar. With these steps to hide a scar with makeup, you never have to worry about those pesky scars again!

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