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Independence Day 2019: Check Out Tri-colour Makeup Tips To Stand Out On This Special Day

By Debdatta Mazumbder

How do you celebrate Independence Day? You may attend a parade or flag hoisting programme at your locality, apartment or school or arrange a hand painting competition or cultural programme. Whatever you do or attend, you must look presentable.

This year, in 2019, marks the 73rd Independence Day of India and like every year, this year too on 15th August, it will be celebrated with zeal and fervour. So, you can appear in traditional outfit like sarees or kurta-pajamas. People will be mesmerized to see you in such traditional outfit and you also feel wonderful at those.

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Now, if you are attending any social programme on the Day, your makeup should match the mood of it. What can be your makeup for Independence Day? Use the tricolor of the National Flag to make you look wonderful. The colours are saffron, white, green and blue. The saffron stands for sacrifice and courage while the middle white denotes peace. The underlying green panel indicates life and prosperity. The blue Ashok Chakra in the middle of the white panel stands for righteousness, perpetuity and overall progress of the nation.

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So, you know the significance of the colours. You can use these colours in your makeup for Independence Day without showing any disrespect. For that you need tricolor makeup tips for Independence Day. How can you include the tricolour makeup tips for Independence Day according to your style? Read on to know more-


1. Tricolour Bindi Or Tilak

One of the best tips on makeup for Independence Day. A lady in saree or salwar can put a green or saffron bindi at their forehead. Guys can also put a tilak. You can also experiment by using three colours and paint a little flag at your forehead.


2. Experiment With Eye Shadow

When you want tricolour makeup tips for Independence Day, you can't ignore to decorate your eyes with tricolour eye shadows. Use white as the base colour and highlight the upper portion of your eyes with saffron. Green eyeliner will create the rest of the magic.


3. Blue Eye Liner And Lens

A tricolour eye shadow will look more happening if you wear a blue eye liner with it. Keep your eye shadow light and highlight your eyes with a royal blue eye liner. Otherwise to give a more dramatic look, you can wear a blue contact lens with it.


4. Three Stripes On Face

Are you going to hanging around with friends on the day? Then it can be one of the interesting tricolour makeup tips for Independence Day. Just dab your fingers into the three colours and paint three stripes on your face. Guys and girls- both can do it to look cool.


5. Paint Your Nails

If your face is done concentrate on your nails. Let your imagination fly free and do whatever you want to do with these three colours on your nail. Paint the National Flag or just use one colour and sprinkle glitter on it.


6. Experiment With Lips

Now, this part is tricky enough. If you have courage to carry it confidently then what's in trying? Use a white liner and smudge it to create a somber look. Now fill your lips with light orange colour. You can be more dramatic by using other colours too.

So, here are some tricolour makeup tips for Independence Day. You can create your own style using these colours but don't show any disrespect to those. And also remember; try these colours if you are confident to carry those.

Let us know if you try any of this tips this Independence day. Feel free to share with us any unique ideas that you may have too.

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