Six Beauty Hacks For Women On The Move

By: Tanushree Kulkarni
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In this time and age, we lead a very hectic lifestyle, leaving us little time for anything let alone a dedicated beauty regime. You may be don’t have time for a make-up. Sometimes the only thing you can take out time is little touch-up on the go. Today, we at Boldsky are going to share with you 8 beauty hacks for women on the move.

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Some girls don’t apply make up in hurry for they haven’t yet mastered these beauty hacks. Sometimes you get only a few minutes for touch-up. Knowing quick beauty tricks becomes very important so that you could be your own guide, and escape from blunders.

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Armed with these beauty tricks, you can escape blunders and save your time too. You may not always have hours for make-up. These beauty hacks are not only extremely easy but will make you look confident and elegant. So, here’s presenting beauty hacks for girls on the move.


Double Up Mascara As A Liner

If you run out of eye liner, borrow some from your mascara wand. You rub your liner brush on mascara wand and voila it is ready to be used as a liner. If the mascara is black then its great and if it's not then even then it will work as a liner.


Personalized Gel Eye Liner

Most of us prefer using gel liner because it lasts longer whereas pencil liners tend to smudge easily. But we a beauty trick in our repertoire if you don't have gel liner but you want a finishing and longevity like gel liner. You will just need a lighter and a liner. Just heat the end of pencil liner and it is ready to use as a gel eye liner.


Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

Most lipsticks generally wear off after 3-4 hours. You will need translucent power and tissue paper to make it last long. Apply a coat of lipstick, then place a tissue paper on lips and dust some translucent powder over it. Your lipstick will last much longer than usual now.


Use Rubber Band To Fix Your Manicure

You don't need to remove entire French manicure if it chips off from the tip. You can fix it at home by removing the chipped portion and then separating using a rubber band. Now paint the nail paint only over the required area.


Make Up Remover For Lazy Days

We all have those days when we are too lazy to remove make-up after the party. We have a beauty trick in our arsenal for those lazy days. Keep a make-up remover and wipes next to your bed. Try this trick and you will thank us later.


Say Bye Bye To Greasy Hair

If your hair is too greasy for words and you are totally pressed for time then we have a quick beauty trick that will come in handy. Apply baby powder on your hair liberally before going to bed. By morning, the residue will fade and soak up extra oil from your scalp and you will have great hair.

We are sure 8 beauty hacks for women on the move will make their life simpler.

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