How To Apply Fake Eyelashes?

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Eyelashes can only add to the beauty of the eyes. To enhance the shape and size of your eyes, you can attach false eyelashes. Many celebrities have seen wearing false eyelashes just to appear more sensual and attractive. If you have small eyes, you can highlight it with dark makeup and long curly eyelashes. Long fake eyelashes add a dimension to the face and looks good too! For many women, an eye makeup is incomplete without attaching lush eyelashes. So, how can you apply false eyelashes on your eyes? Find out some simple tips that can make the task easier for you.

Tips to apply fake eyelashes:

How To Apply Fake Eyelashes?

Trim: If the false eyelashes are wider than required, then trim it and cut it short according to the shape of your eye. To make it look natural, trim individual lashes with a small cutter. Just make sure that the end of the lashes are little extended. This makes the eyelashes look fuller and curly.

Glue it: Apply a thin layer of glue on the corners of the eyelashes. It is not easy to apply glue directly on the lashes so, another way is to apply glue on the back of your hand. Now, soak the eyelash on it. This method of gluing prevents the glue from spreading on the long lashes.

Tweezer: Now gently hold the false eyelashes with the tweezer and bring it close to your eyes. When the eyelash is completely on the right place (close to natural lash line), stick it. Immediately press with your fingertips to let the glue stick on the skin. Be careful while pressing or else the lash might come out due to excessive pressure. Ideally, press on the ends of the false eyelashes till the glue dries (30-40 seconds). Remove your fingertips slowly so that the lashes do not come out.

Apply mascara: When the lashes dry out, apply a mascara. Mascara is a basic eye makeup product that helps curl the lashes and make them look longer and thicker. While applying the mascara, press the lashes with the finger so that they do not come out. Mascara also helps natural lashes join with the fake ones. You can use an eyelash curler before applying a mascara. The task of curling and shaping your lashes will be easier.

Finish with eyeliner: When you stick the false eyelashes on the natural lash line, little space is left out. To make the fake lashes look natural, fill the gap between fake and natural lash line with an eyeliner. You can either draw a thin or thick line. Depends on the way you want to highlight your eyes.

Your fake eyelashes are ready to flaunt! Ideally, apply false eyelashes after the eye makeup is over. Eyeshadow powder can fall on the lashes and look clumsy.

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