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How To Make Homemade Lotions?

By Super Admin

Making lotion is a very simple process and can be made using many of the things that you already have in your home. Formulating your own lotion formula and making a consistent product on a small scale can be very interesting!

Smooth Body Lotion

This is a quick, easy, very smooth lotion that absorbs nicely into the skin.

Melt these together until barely melted:

8 - 10 grams Emulsifying wax (approx. 2.5 tbs)

70 ml Vegetable oil (try jojoba, apricot, sunflower, avocado)

20 ml Vegetable glycerin

Add these and blend with hand mixer for less than a minute:

130 ml Room temperature or warmed distilled water (or combine aloe vera, floral water, witch hazel, etc as part of all of liquid)

1 pinch Citric acid

10 - 30 drops essential oil

Pour into sterilized containers, keep cool and enjoy! If you like a thinner lotion, try diluting with a bit of floral water or use slightly less emulsifying wax next time around.

Glorious Lotion

This is an awesome lotion containing a high percentage of shea butter and also a good amount of Aloe! This lotion is light and your skin will drink it right up. It leaves your skin smooth and there is no waxy or oily feel to your body afterwards.

Material required : 8 tbs Shea Butter, Almond Oil, 4 tbs Olive Oil, 3 rounded tbs Emulsifying Wax, 3 tbs Liquid Glycerin, 3 cups (24 ounces) Aloe Vera, 1 teaspoonful of Soap Crafters Sweet grass Fragrance, 3 drops of Emerald Green Liquid Colorant, 4 eight ounce clear bottles, 4 lotion pumps, A Thermometer, A Stick Blender.

Heat Shea Butter to 200 degrees and turn off the heat and leave it on the stove to sit for 15 minutes.

Remove from stove and add Emulsifying Wax.

Add almond and olive oils to the mixture.

In a separate pot, mix together the aloe vera and the glycerin. Heat to 120 degrees and remove from heat.

Slowly pour aloe mixture in to the oils mixture and whip with a stick blender for about 1 minute.

Allow to cool for about 30 minutes, but whip it again every 5-10 minutes.

After 30 minutes is up, add the fragrance and colorant.

Pour in to bottles.

Body Lotion

Materials required: Emulsifying wax, oil, water, a colorant, and a fragrance.

Mix the oils and water in with your emulsifying wax. This will create the base of your lotion.

Add your essential oils or fragrance oils. Essential oils will make your body lotion scented and can provide aromatherapy effects. Fragrance oils can also be used to give your lotion a nice scent.

Add your colorants. Natural coloring agents like paprika, mica, or oxides can also be used

You can now place your lotions into a jar, tube or into a pump or squirt bottle.

In addition to making a basic body lotion you can also add things to the lotion to make it special. One popular additive to body lotion is glitter. Other popular additives for body lotions are SPF and tint.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 28, 2007, 18:35 [IST]
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