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How To Apply Make Up When Wearing Contact Lenses?

By Super Admin

You have bid good bye to those age old glasses that interrupted your flamboyant beauty and welcomed the friendly contact lenses into your life. However the new accessory may be now hindering your glamorous make up you would love to wear tonight. Here are some guidelines to help you apply the desired makeup when wearing contact lenses without any hindrances.

Make up tips

Before wearing a contact lens make sure to cleanse your face. Check whether your hands are clean and dry before inserting the contact lenses. Avoid applying any hand cream on your hands before handling your lenses, as it may cause eye irritation due to the residues present in the lotions, soaps, or cream that may stick to the contact lens.

Always remember to insert your lenses before applying makeup.

Experts suggest not to use unscented and oil-free cosmetics because they are difficult to remove from your fingers and from your skin. Choose a light face cream or moisturizer, the heavy once could melt and smear the lenses.

Apply powder carefully with your eye closed. Remove the excess powder around the eyes. Avoid using heavy creams or moisturizers around the eyes as these could melt and smear the lenses.

Use creams and liquid eye shadows, as powder shadows can cause particles to fall into the eye and onto the lens, causing an eye irritation. Apply the eye shadows using a sponge in place of a brush.

Choose waterproof mascara without alcohol. Apply mascara lightly and make sure it doesn't touch the base of the lashes. Read how to apply mascara (/do-it-yourself/beauty-n-fashion/apply-mascara.html) for more tips. Avoid lash-extending mascara, which has fibers that can irritate the eyes.

Choose waterproof and soft eyeliner rather that a liquid one. Avoid applying eyeliner to the inner rim of the eye as this may smear the lens and cause eye irritation.

Choose water-based, hypoallergenic liquid foundations. Cream makeup may leave a film on your lenses.

Keep away from false eyelash cement, nail polish, nail polish remover, perfume and cologne as they can damage the plastic.

While under a hairdryer or blower blink your eyes frequently to keep your eyes from getting too dry. Make sure to use hairspray before putting on your contacts. If you use hairspray while you are wearing your contacts, close your eyes while spraying and for a few seconds afterwards.

Pay attention to what kinds of styling aids you're using while wearing lenses as your hair products may be the source of your irritated eyes. Make sure your hair doesn't hang around or into your eyes. Pull them back with the help of gel-wax or styling spray as it is very easy for these highly perfumed, sticky products to create varied eye problems.

Always remember to remove the contact lenses before removing the makeup. Make sure your hands are clean and dry, before removing your contact lenses. Use a water based makeup remover and apply it with a pad. Tissues or dampened cotton wool are essentials for this in order to avoid stray fibers getting in the eye.

Lastly, replace all your makeup products every 6 months to minimize the risk of eye infection

Story first published: Thursday, February 21, 2008, 12:21 [IST]