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On Aamir Khan’s Birthday, A Look At His Hairstyles In Ghajini And Fanaa

Born on 14 March 1965, Aamir Khan is one of the most evergreen stars in the Bollywood industry. Known as Mr Perfectionist, the actor has always surprised his fans with interesting characters and unique ideas for his films. He is always willing to experiment and go to any extent to make his act the best one, be it with his performance or with his looks. The actor's looks have always been as impressive, unique and creative as the concept and script of his films. Sometimes he chooses a small haircut, sometimes long, and sometimes very unusual, too.

However, it was his semi-bald buzz cut look in 2008 film Ghajini that became quite popular. He sported a very different and unusual look and made his fans go crazy for that hairstyle. He also sports normal hair in one half of the film.

Likewise, his curly long-haired look in the 2006 film Fanaa was quite loved by everybody. So, as Aamir Khan turns a year older, let us take a look at his amazing hairstyles in these two films.

Aamir Khan's Semi Bald Hair Look In Ghajini

Aamir Khan's semi-bald buzz cut hair look in one of his best films Ghajini was absolutely loved by all. The actor used the haircut in the film's promotions, cutting the hair of some people in public in Delhi. The haircut became so popular that it made fans go crazy. It became the trend of that time and it truly had boys taking to this hairdo. To get into the role of a killer, the actor shaved off his hair and sported the semi-bald buzz cut. His hairstylist also created a scar on his head, to up his villain avatar.

However, in one half of the film, Aamir sports normal hair before his character undergoes a transformation.

Aamir Khan's Long-Haired Look In Fanaa

Fanaa was one of the super hit films of Aamir Khan and his long hair look became so popular at that time that many men and boys started growing their hair and cutting it in the same way to get the similar look as him. In the first half of the film, where Aamir Khan played a tourist guide, he sported mid-length long hair and gave it a curly wavy look. However, in the second half, he was seen in short crisp cut hair as an army officer.

We absolutely loved these two different haircuts of Aamir Khan. What do you think about it? Let us know that in the comment section.

Happy birthday, Aamir Khan!