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What Is Keratin Treatment And Is It Good For Hair?

Frizzy, unruly hair is difficult to manage. And in order to manage it, we end up damaging our hair even more. And thus comes the need for hair treatments. Hair treatments such as smoothening and rebonding are fairly common these days. But there is one that many might have suggested if you have frizzy and entangled hair - keratin hair treatment.

Keratin hair treatment is an excellent treatment that many swear by. It has proven to be effective for many people. And if you also want to try this out, but wondering if keratin treatment is good for your hair, you're in the right place. Let's decode this hair treatment and find out if it is good for your hair!

What Is Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin is a structural protein that is a major component of your hair, skin and nails. In fact, it makes up for the most part of your hair.[1] This is a protein that imparts strength to the hair and prevents it from breakage. It is a protective layer on your hair that shields your hair from the damage and helps to maintain healthy, strong hair.

Unfortunately, reasons such as pollution and excessive use of heat on the hair can lead to loss of this protein. And the loss of keratin, a natural and eminent part of our hair, makes it frizzy, damaged and unmanageable.

Hence, keratin treatment is done to restore this protein and provide it externally to the hair. This treatment strengthens the hair structure and revives the hair to counter the damage done.

How Is The Keratin Treatment Done?

The keratin treatment is best done at a salon. Although there are shampoos and conditioners available in the market that you can use, these can only help you so much. A proper treatment done at a salon by a professional, and giving the treatment the time it needs will lead to immediate and long-lasting results. Let's have a brief look at how this treatment is done.

  • The first step is to wash the hair. The treatment starts with a thorough washing of the hair, followed by blow drying. This removes the dirt from our hair and preps it for the actual treatment.
  • The next step is to apply a keratin solution to your hair. For this, your hair is divided into sections and the solution is applied section-by-section until the whole of your hair is covered.
  • The solution is kept on the hair for a while.
  • Finally, to seal the deal, a flat iron is used to iron the hair and activate the keratin solution.

This treatment usually takes 3-4 hours, depending on the length of your hair.

How Long Does It Last?

Although, it also depends on the type and state of your hair, usually a keratin treatment would last for 2-3 months. You can go and do it again when you feel that the effect of the treatment is fading. But you need to make sure that you choose a good salon for the treatment.

Benefits Of Keratin Treatment

As keratin is something that is a part of our hair, infusing it externally nourishes the hair follicles and improves the quality of the hair.

  • It makes the hair easy to manage and reduces the need to use heat on the hair.
  • It makes the hair smooth and strong.
  • It gives a natural shine to the hair.
  • It treats frizzy and tangled hair, thus making them less prone to damage.
  • It boosts hair growth and adds volume to the hair.

Risks & Demerits Of Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment, no doubt, makes your hair strong and manageable, but there are certain risks and demerits associated with the treatment that you must consider before getting it done.

  • A huge demerit of this treatment is that some of the keratin treatments include a huge quantity of formaldehyde. This is a chemical that can cause various issues such as chest pain, throat irritation and nose irritation. So do your research and opt for a formaldehyde-free treatment.
  • A keratin treatment will not straighten your hair completely, if you have very thick curls.
  • You can't wash your hair for at least 4-5 days following the treatment.
  • You can't tie your hair for the next 4-5 days following the treatment.
  • It may affect the colour of your hair.
  • It can be an expensive treatment.

Is Keratin Hair Treatment Good?

What makes us sceptical about keratin hair treatment is the chemicals used and the heat provided to the hair during the treatment. The chemicals used in the treatment- formalin, methanal, methylene glycol and methanediol- when mixed with water release a carcinogenic compound, formaldehyde. And then there is the high-heat that is used to set your hair.

If you have thin and super-damaged hair, that is a constant cause of concern for you, keratin treatment is not good for you. Opt for formaldehyde-free treatments that are not as effective as keratin treatment but less-damaging to your hair.

Why Opt For Keratin Treatment?

As our hair loses its natural protective cover, it becomes frizzy and tangled. Thus leads to hair damage and breakage and issues such as split ends and hair fall.

What could be better than providing the hair with its lost nutrients for it to bounce back? As keratin is a natural protein, restoring it will make the hair healthy, thick and lustrous. And isn't that all we need?

Hair Care Tips After Keratin Treatment

After your keratin hair treatment, you need to take utmost care of your hair, especially for the next few days. Below are some effective tips to keep in mind.

  • Do not wash or wet your hair for three days after the keratin treatment.
  • For the next three days, you are not supposed to use any hair product either.
  • Wear a cap while swimming. The chlorine water can tamper with your keratin-treated hair.
  • Cover your hair while stepping out in the sun.
  • Use shampoo and conditioner meant for keratin-treated hair. These are sodium and sulphate-free products.
  • Do not use hair styling products like hairspray, hair mousse or hair gels.
  • Do not tie your hair for the first few days.

Is Keratin Hair Treatment Good?- Frequently Asked Question

Q. How much does Keratin Treatment cost?

A. Depending on the length of your hair and your choice of salon, keratin hair treatment costs anywhere between Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 8,000.

Q. How often can I do keratin treatment?

A. You can do a keratin treatment 2-3 times in a year.

Q. How long do you have to wait in between keratin treatments?

A. Waiting period of at least 4 months is recommended between each keratin treatment.

Q. Will Keratin Treatment make my hair flat?

A. Yes, keratin treatment tames the frizz and makes your hair flat and sleek.

Q. How long does it take to do keratin treatment?

A. Depending on the length of your hair, keratin hair treatment can take 2- 3 hours.

Q. Does keratin change hair colour?

A. No, keratin treatment does not change the natural colour of your hair. It can make the colour treated hair a shade lighter.

Q. Should I do keratin before or after colour?

A. You should do keratin Treatment after hair colour.

Story first published: Saturday, February 29, 2020, 16:07 [IST]
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