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8 Effective Tips To Tackle Split Ends

Split ends are dreaded by all. It is the worst kind of damaged that can happen to your hair. And what is more surprising and alarming is that we are ourselves unintentionally damaging our hair. Our everyday practices and hairstyling habits are what cause split ends. Whether it is harshly combing your hair or heedlessly using heat styling products and procedures, it is damaging to our hair.[1]

And the result of this carelessness is damaged hair, more specifically split ends. Split ends are almost irreversible and now that you have got split ends is there nothing that you can do? Well, not entirely. There are certain tips and precautions that when paid attention to will help you tackle the damage that is split ends.

So, today we have for you certain tips that can help you effectively tackle split ends and help you fix them. Check these out!

1. An Oil Treatment Is What Your Hair Needs

Oil treatment is a great way to not only treat the split ends but prevent it as well.[2] Oil forms a protective layer on your hair shafts and that prevents your hair from the damage that might happen while shampooing your hair. The lubrication and nourishment provided to hair by an oil massage help a lot in handling the damaged hair. So, every time you wash your hair, give yourself an oil massage at least an hour prior to the hair wash.

2. Be Gentle While Combing Your Hair

One thing that we don't pay much attention to and that can do a lot of damage to our hair is the way we comb our hair. Be gentle while you comb your hair. If there are any knots in your hair take your time to untie it gently. Pulling and tugging the hair can cause even more damage to your hair and lead to more split ends. Also, remember to use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair.

3. Give The Heat Styling Tools A Rest

Excessive use of heat styling tools is one of the main reasons for split ends. And now that you have split ends, if you continue to use these tools to style your hair, you will only be damaging your hair further. So, give your hair a break and don't use heat-styling tools until your hair bounces back.

4. Don't Try To Pick The Split Ends

You see a splintered hair and you are tempted to pull and separate it. But, wait! Do no do that. No matter how much tempted you are, pulling the split ends will do you no good. In fact, it will make your hair weaker at the ends and thus invite more split ends.

5. Use A Leave-in Conditioner

Using a conditioner is must if you want to have healthy, nourished hair.[3] And most of us use conditioners that are supposed to be rinsed off. But, if you have split ends the normal conditioner won't make the cut for you. Use a leave-in conditioner. It helps to hide and protect your splintered hair.

6. Gently Dry Your Hair

Another major mistake that we do that worsens the damage to our hair is vigorously dry it. As soon as we are out of the shower, most of us pull and rub the hair harshly using a towel to dry it. Do not do that. Use an old t-shirt to dry your hair gently. Just use the t-short to soak the excess water and let your hair air dry.

7. Protein Hair Mask To The Rescue

Protein is a major component of your hair and also a component that is essential to maintain healthy hair. Your damaged hair needs some protein boost.[4] So, apply a protein hair mask to your hair every once in a while. It helps keep your hair moisturised and forms a protective layer on your skin to improve the appearance of your damaged ends.

8. Get Your Hair Trimmed Regularly

A great tip that you need if you have split ends is to get your hair trimmed regularly. Split ends are often impossible to reverse. In that case, to keep your hair healthy and prevent further damage to it, you need to cut the splintered ends every once in a while.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 17:13 [IST]
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