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How To Do The Side Braid Sonam Kapoor Flaunted At The Zoya Factor Promotions

Sonam Kapoor's looks at The Zoya Factor promotions are a treat for all the beauty lovers out there. Sonam Kapoor is one of the few actresses that really explores and experiments with her looks. Sonam, through her various appearances, brings in some amazing make-up looks and hairstyles for us. And her latest hairdo at the promotions of The Zoya Factor makes up for a perfect hairstyle to wear at the office, college or a casual day out.

At the event, Sonam wore a side-swept braid that added a softness to her look. Her hairdo was a perfect choice to pair with her subtle and nude make-up look. She wore a stunning deep red Anarkali suit by Sue Mue.

The hairdo completed her ethnic look and it will work perfectly well with your traditional outfits as well. So, if you are interested in this hairdo, we have made the matter simple for you and decoded her look for you in an easy-to-follow tutorial. Take a look.

Sonam Kapoor's Side Braid

What you need

  • Detangler comb
  • Hair tie
  • Hair Spray

Steps to recreate the hairdo

  • Using the detangler comb, remove all the tangles and knots from your hair.
  • Side-part your hair at the front.
  • Take a medium-sized section of hair just beside the parting on the larger side.
  • Start to weave the hair in a dutch braid taking sections from each side and adding it to the braid each time you cross-over the section.
  • Continue to braid the hair till you reach just behind your ear.
  • Curve the braid little and continue to weave it until you reach the end of your ear at the other side.
  • Now, make a normal three-strand braid and secure it at the ends using a hair tie.
  • Tug on the braid a little to add some volume to it.
  • Spray the hair spray all over your hair for the hairdo to last the whole day.
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