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Hair Dusting: New Hair Cutting Technique You Should Know About

Having long, voluminous hair is a dream for many. But thanks to treating the hair with colouring, heat tools, curlers, and more; leads to dreaded split ends and hair damage. If you are worried about hair damage issues, then you must opt for a hair dusting method! It helps remove the split ends without disturbing the hair length!

Image: Pexels

Keep reading to know more about this new hair-cutting technique and how you can save your precious hair from possible damage:

What is Hair Dusting?

Hair dusting is a hair-cutting technique that helps remove split ends without disturbing the hair length. This unique hair-maintenance technique is suitable for all hair types, and textures, and can be done all by yourself.

Since hair dusting helps get rid of split ends, your hair will appear well-maintained, healthy, and voluminous!

What's the Purpose of Hair Dusting?

Hair dusting is a hair-saving technique that tames split ends problems. When your hair is exposed to a lot of hair colouring, heat instruments, etc the same leads to dry and damaged hair. It ultimately leads to split ends and hair breakage. If not removed at a regular interval (after 6-8 weeks), the split ends may reach your mid-length hair.

Hair Dusting Benefits

Image: Pexels

1. Stops Further Split Ends

If you don't remove the split ends on a timely basis, the same may lead to further hair damage and breakage. With the hair dusting technique, hair looks well-, maintained, healthy, and voluminous!

2.No Need to Spend Money

Mostly, hair stylists advise getting your hair trimmed after a certain interval. This could also mean, spending extra bucks for trimming at the salons. Since hair dusting can be done at home, you don't need to spend any money to tame the split ends!

3. Doesn't Disturb Hair Length

Those who don't like to cut their hair short or don't appreciate their precious hairs getting cut at regular intervals should consider hair dusting to save the hair length.

Simple Directions To Do Hair Dusting By Yourself

Firstly don't fret to try out this hair technique at home. You just need to grab a pair of trimming shears, a hair comb, and nothing else. Stand in front of the mirror for a better view and direction. Make sure you have an ample amount of light in the room.

Follow these simple directions:

1. Part your hair in the middle and detangle them. Remove knots if any with a soft hair brush.

2. Make equal sections of your hair and put small clips to keep them in place.

3. Hold half an inch of hair from the section selected and twist it tightly. With shears, snip off the split ends visible carefully. Now release the held section and twist it in another or opposite direction. It allows you to cover all hair strands and makes for a smooth hair finish.

4. Repeat the above process for the remaining hair sections as well.

5. After you are done snipping off the hair, you will dust the hair. You may find tiny hair bits falling around your shoulder and around that resemble dust.

Note - While practicing the hair dusting, make sure you only target the split-ends and not the hair length.

Preferable Time For Hair Dusting

Most stylists recommend opting for hair dusting after every 6-8 weeks. But the same also depends upon what's the hair length, texture, and how you treat your hair. This means, those who use heat styling tools or have thin or damaged hair, have more chances of getting split ends frequently. In such a scenario, one must opt for the hair dusting technique.

The Difference Between Dusting and Trimming

Don't get confused over these almost similar-sounding hair techniques. Trimming is all about maintaining the shape of your current haircut or hairdo. It allows you to trim off that excess hair length and revert it to your original or current hair length. It sure allows for getting rid of the split ends but focuses more on the overall style of your hair. You may have heard the stylist reminds you of periodic hair trimming, well it's the same thing!

Hair dusting on the other hand entirely concentrates on getting rid of split ends. It doesn't affect your current hair length or hairdo, but works for maintaining your hair length and hair care!

Trimming or dusting, you must choose one depending upon your need and requirement.

All in All

Hair dusting is a simple and effective technique for keeping your hair split-ends free. Plus it saves your time and money for getting your scheduled trims done. You don't have to take a hair professional's help for it and can do the same in the comfort of your home. You just need hair scissors and tame those split ends. That's it!

Story first published: Tuesday, September 27, 2022, 19:13 [IST]
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