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Bollywood Divas-Approved Four Adorably Cute Hairstyle Ideas To Flaunt This Winter


With the change in season, comes the change in trend also. And there is no doubt about it that the trendsetters are none other than our beautiful Bollywood divas. While we are still figuring out what are the good hairstyles that can be sported this winter, divas like Kriti Sanon, Ananya Panday, Rakul Preet Singh and Sunny Leone have already started flaunting their amazing hairstyles. Be it weddings or casual days, their hairstyles are not just perfect windproof ones but also adorable and cute to make heads turn during this winter season.

So, let us take a look at what beautiful hairstyle ideas these wonderful ladies have in store for us and how to recreate these hairstyles.


Kriti Sanon’s Looped Low Bun With Red Roses

For any wedding function, all you want is a sophisticated and pretty hairstyle. So far, you must have noticed that most women opt for a beautiful bun hairstyle to pair with their fashionable lehengas or elegant saris. For her upcoming film Panipat's song launch, the actress opted for a looped low bun and gave major winter wedding hairstyle goals. Her beautiful hairdo adorned with red roses not just looked party-perfect but also gave vintage vibes. To get the similar look, follow these steps.

• Comb your hair thoroughly and middle part your hair at the front to divide it into two sections.

• Now, gather all your hair at the nape of your neck and tie it into a low ponytail, using hair-tie.

• Next, loop half of the ponytail through your hair-tie to create a looped bun. Secure the hair strands with bobby pins.

• Pull out the short strands from your front hair to add bangs.

• Once you are done, adorn your bun with red roses or you can even use some accessories.

• Spritz some hair spray on your hair to set it in place.


Ananya Panday’s Band Wrapped Ponytail

If you feel sleek ponytails are boring, how about making an art and adding a twist to it? Seems scary? Don't worry. Take a look at Ananya Panday's recent hairstyle, which she did for her appearance at Flipkart Back Benchers show. Basically, the actress did a sleek braided ponytail and tied her hair with a hair-tie. No, her hair-tie game didn't end there. She further gave a twist by wrapping a thin pink band through her tail. Here is how you can recreate this look.

• Brush all your hair properly to avoid tangles.

• Pull all your tresses neatly using a thin comb and make a sleek ponytail just a little above the nape of your neck. Secure it with a black hair-tie.

• Now, start making a simple braid by crisscrossing left, right and middle section of your hair.

• Once you reach it's halfway, secure it with another hair-tie.

• Now pick the thin pink band or thread, and wrap it around only your braid. Tie a knot to secure it.

• Once you are done, pull out some strands from your front hair to add bangs.


Rakul Preet Singh’s Half Updo

Half updo hairstyles are the most safest and wonderful hairstyles which can be sported in not just wedding functions but also as everyday wear and even with your formals. Rakul Preet Singh created the same hairstyle with her stunning ethnic ensemble and looked beautiful. To give it a good effect, she further curled her hair from the ends. Here is how you can recreate this hairstyle within to minutes.

• Comb your hair thoroughly to avoid tangles.

• Now, middle-part your hair at the front to divide it into two sections.

• Leaving the bangs, take a small section from either side of your hair, and divide it into three parts.

• Now, start braiding it and continue doing it till the ends. Secure it with a hair-tie.

• Repeat the same step on the other side of your hair too.

• Once your both braids are ready, bring them together near the crown of your head and secure them with bobby pins.

• Comb your remaining tresses.

• Now, using the curling iron, curl the ends of your hair properly.

• Curl the bangs too to give it a good look.


Sunny Leone’s Double Dutch Braid

Be it french or dutch, it's always fun to play with braids. After having good hair days throughout the week, when your hair gets oily on the fifth day, braids come to your rescue. It doesn't even require a lot of time and practice and looks adorable with any kind of outfit. Sunny Leone wore the double dutch braid and looked absolutely cute. To recreate this hairstyle, go through these steps.

• Brush your hair thoroughly to get tangle-free locks.

• Middle-part your hair at the front to divide it into two equal sections.

• Grab a small section of your hair at the front and divide it into three.

• Start braiding by bringing the right strand under the middle strand and left strand under the new middle strand.

• Every time you criss-cross the strands, keep adding hair from your mane.

• Continue doing it till your reach to the end and then tie it with a hair-tie.

• Create the same dutch pigtail on the other side too.

So, which hairstyle did you like the most? Do let us know in the comment section.

Pic Credits: Kriti Sanon, Ananya Panday, Rakul Preet Singh, Sunny Leone

Story first published: Tuesday, November 26, 2019, 11:30 [IST]
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