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    Tips To Choose Perfect Hair Parting For Your Face Type

    We all love experimenting with our hair - be it cutting them short or getting a new hairstyle. But what makes it look actually different is the type of hair parting that we choose. Most of the times, a different hair parting makes our face look good and stand out. But, what when it doesn't?

    Did you know that there are different types of parting styles specifically for different face types? Every time we go for a haircut, our hairstylist asks us which parting do we prefer? But never have they told us that there are different types of side partings meant for different face types.

    Hair Parting Tips For Your Face Type

    Here we are with a list of different hair partings that suit different face types. So, the next time you visit a salon for a haircut, ask your stylist to get you a suitable hair parting done which will bring out the best of your features and make your face look appealing.


    Round face – deep side or centre parting

    If you have a round face shape, you might know how challenging it is to add dimension to your face. So what do you do? Opting for a deep side partition, in this case, will automatically solve your problem and accentuate your features.

    Those with round face can also opt for a centre parting that will help to give your face an elongated look. This side parting will help to create a symmetry around your face.


    Square face – centre or side parting with medium bangs

    Those having a square-shaped face cut can opt for centre parting as well as side parting with medium bangs. As you know, those with square-shaped face tend to have a big forehead which sometimes might not look appealing. So what do you do? Try to go for a side parting with bangs and create an illusion of a small forehead and see if that works.

    If you do not prefer side parting, you can also opt for centre parting which will, in turn, define your cheekbones and give your face an elongated look.


    Oval face – any parting

    Those with oval face type do not face many problems as their face cut goes well with all kinds of hair partings - be it side parting, centre parting, bangs or fringe.

    Those with oval-shaped faces also have the benefit of experimenting with different hair partings. And, finally the one that garners the most compliments can be your new favourite style. So those with oval face type, do not shy away from experimenting - after all, that is the way you choose and settle for the best, right?


    Oblong face – centre parting with fringe or bangs

    Wondering what is an oblong face? Well, oblong face type is basically a face shape that has more length than the width. Meaning if you have to create an illusion of a round face, you will possibly have to go for a centre parting with either fringes or bangs.

    Those with oblong face type can also go for centre parting simply. Sometimes, going for a simple hairstyle also looks good. After all, simplicity is the best, isn't it?


    Diamond face – side parting

    If you have a diamond-shaped face cut, you can easily go for a side parting without giving it a second thought. Why? Because those with a diamond-shaped face usually tend to have a smaller forehead and sharp angles. Therefore, soft bangs with a side parting will help to soften your temples.

    You can also go for a centre parting if you want as it will define your cheekbones and at the same time elongate your face.


    Heart face – deep side parting

    Well, if you have a heart-shaped face, you can very well opt for deep side parting. Why? Because this type of face shape typically has a wide set of cheeks along with a sharp pointed chin. Therefore, a deep side parting will break up your pointed chin line and at the same time soften your face.

    But again, there is another choice for those who are not fans of side partitioned bangs. And, what is that? Centre parting! You can also go for centre partition - but wait, there's a catch! Go for centre partition only if you have long hair. But, if you have short hair, might as well opt for deep side parting. It will look more apt on your face and very well define your features.

    So the next time you step into a salon for a different haircut, make sure that you tell your stylist what you want, the type of cut and the type of partition!

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