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    10 Things No One Will Tell You About Hair Conditioner

    Hair Conditioner: Unknown Facts | हेयर कंडीशनर से जुड़ी ये बातें क्या जानतें हैं आप? | Boldsky

    Hair conditioning is an important part of hair care. While you need to be extra careful in choosing a shampoo and a hair conditioner, there is something you must be aware of - your hair type. Well, this seems quite simple.

    But did you know that there are certain things no one will ever tell you about hair conditioner? Well, are you wondering what these things are and why are they so important? Read on...

    Things To Know About Hair Conditioner

    1. Conditioner Hydrates Your Hair Follicles

    Hair conditioner hydrates your hair follicles, especially during winters when your hair and scalp tend to dry out. If you ever feel that your hair is getting dry by the day and your scalp too shows signs of dryness, you can go for a conditioner-specific hair wash - meaning you can wash your hair and condition it, but skip the shampoo.

    2. Condition Your Hair Before Shampoo

    Did you know this? Do you find it strange and exactly the opposite of what you usually do?

    Well, as crazy as it may sound, it is absolutely true! If you have thin hair, you should condition your hair before shampooing as it will add volume to your hair.

    So, if you happen to wash your hair next time, do remember this. Condition first, then shampoo!

    3. Different Conditioners For Different Hair Types

    Well, not all conditioners are suitable for all hair types. It all depends on the type and texture of your hair. If you have thicker hair, choose a conditioner according to that. Similarly, if you have thin hair, choose a conditioner that will add volume to your hair. If you have rough-textured hair, choose a conditioner that will retain moisture in your hair and make your hair soft.

    4. You Can Use A Conditioner Directly Without Shampooing

    Yeah! You can use a conditioner without shampooing your hair. There are times when you do not feel the need to shampoo your hair but still want to get that feel of conditioning. At such times, you can actually skip using a shampoo and simply use a conditioner on your hair and then wash it off.

    5. Conditioners Can Be Great Hair Styling Products

    Did you know this? Hair conditioner can actually be used as a styling product. And, how to do this? Just take a small amount of leave-in conditioner and apply it on your damp hair. Now comb through the hair with the conditioner and braid your hair. Leave it on for some time and then open up your hair and get amazing beach waves in no time.

    Simple, isn't it?

    6. Leave-In Conditioners Are Not Always A Good Option

    While a leave-in conditioner can be used as a styling product, it is not always a good option. Why? Because leave-in conditioner stays on your hair - meaning it sticks to your hair and stays there for a long time. As a result, it attracts dirt, dust, and pollution particles - which can damage your hair.

    7. Over-conditioning Is Really Bad & Damaging

    It is a good thing to condition your hair - your hair needs and deserves it! But, an overdose of anything is bad, don't you agree? Same goes for conditioning too. Over-conditioning tends to damage your hair without you even noticing it.

    8. Beware! Some Conditioners Can Damage Your Hair

    True! Some conditioners can actually damage your hair. While conditioners are supposed to add shine and nutrition to your hair, there are some conditioners - silicone-based ones - that damage your hair. It is, therefore, essential that you pick your hair care products wisely. Always check for the contents of the product before you buy them.

    Hair care products are supposed to provide care and nourishment to your hair, not strip them of it.

    9. Are you using conditioner on roots? Stop it right away!

    Uh-oh! Are you actually using conditioner on your scalp? Well, stop it right away. Hair conditioners are supposed to be used exclusively on your hair and not the roots. And, there's a reason behind it. Your scalp (the roots of your hair) produces oil by itself. And, if you apply hair conditioner to the roots of your hair/ scalp, it might cause oil imbalance in your scalp, leading to an oily scalp.

    10. Don't Change Your Conditioner Too Often

    Although you might possibly think that your hair will get used to a particular conditioner, remember that it's a myth. Often changing your hair care products might lead to damage over a period of time. You should never keep on switching between different products, especially when it comes to hair care as it may damage your hair. Choose one product and keep using it for a long time.

    Do keep these small things in mind while buying and using a conditioner for hair care. Your hair is really important and it is up to you to take good care of it. Choose wisely and use wisely!

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