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These Ponytail Hairstyles Will Give You That Chic Look

Ponytails are the easiest and most common hairstyles that all of us have known. But how about bringing a twist and experimenting with ponytail hairstyles?

Your hairstyle always enhances your appearance with the attire you choose to wear. So, it will be better not to mess up with that. Experimenting with your hair is the most trendy and easiest way to get that chic and stylish look.

All of us would love to experiment or try out new hairstyles, but most of us run out of time in a hurry to reach our workplace, college, etc. And we end up in the same old and simple ponytail hairstyle that we are all familiar with.

Here are some trending and best ponytail hairstyles that you can try and flaunt on every occasion. Try these hairstyles and all eyes will be there on you.

Hairstyle Tutorial: Messy Ponytail | ट्राई करें Ponytail का नया स्टाइल | Boldsky

Messy Ponytail

Yes, you read that right. Just like messy buns, you can also do a messy ponytail for that hot and sexy look.

This hairstyle is very simple and similar to a normal ponytail apart from the little messiness it carries. Tease all your hair or air dry your hair in order to make it look messy. Tie a high pony and secure it with an elastic and take out hair strands at the hairlines and you're good to go.

Knotted Ponytail

Ponytails are one of the easiest and common hairstyles that most of us prefer. So how about bringing some twist in that? All you have to do is to part your hair into two halves. Next, twist and tie a knot. With the help of a bobby pin secure the knots. The leftover hair can be either tied or left open.

Side Ponytail

Side ponytails are trending. If you want that cute yet elegant look, go for this hairstyle. Part all your hair into the side that you prefer. Next, tie a ponytail not too low or high and secure it with an elastic.

Pumped-Up Ponytail

This is a very classy yet stylish hairstyle. Back comb your hair at the crown area. Make a small bump and secure it with a bobby pin. Tie the rest of the hair into a high ponytail and tie it with an elastic. There you go; the pumped-up ponytail is all yours.

Curled-Up Messy Ponytail

Just back comb all your hair. Make sure that you curl the ends of your hair using a curler or rolls. Tie the curled portion of your hair into a medium height ponytail. You can also take out the hair strands along the hairlines to complete the messy look.

Braided Ponytail Bun

It might look complex but it is just an easy-peasy hairstyle. Most of us must have done this when we were kids. So let us see how this one goes. Comb your hair and make a high pony. Tie it with a band of your hair colour. The next step is to braid your pony and tie it towards the end. Now comes the bun part. You can just twist the braided pony and make a bun. There you go just simple and elegant!

Twisted Ponytail Bun

To begin with, tie your hair into a low ponytail. Next, flip your pony tail above the area where you have tied it. Repeat this once more and secure it with a bobby pin to form a bun. You can flaunt this look formally and casually by adding some hair accessories.

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Story first published: Friday, May 11, 2018, 10:00 [IST]
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