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10 Common Habits That Damage Your Hair And Cause Split Ends

By Somya Ojha

It is a well-known fact that 7 out of 10 women nowadays are plagued with various unappealing hair conditions. Problems like breakage, split ends, etc., have become exceedingly common.

A variety of factors such as pollution, unhealthy diet, etc., can cause damage to the hair shaft and lead to these unsightly problems. However, there are certain hair habits as well that can adversely affect the health and appearance of your hair.

Today, at Boldsky, we've zeroed in on some of the worst habits that can damage your hair and cause split ends. These habits are highly common and can have a far-reaching negative impact on your hair's overall condition.

Break free from these habits to achieve healthy-looking locks that can enhance your beauty.

Read on to know more about these hair-damaging habits, here:


1. Hair Styling Tools

A majority of women these days use hair-styling tools such as curling irons, straighteners on a regular basis. This habit causes a great deal of damage to the hair shaft and leads to all kinds of unsightly problems like split ends, etc.


2. Picking At Your Split Ends

This is another common habit that can cause damage to your hair and lead to even more split ends. Picking at your split ends may seem like the easiest way to get rid of them; however, doing this can lead to more frayed hair and damage the health of your mane.


3. Over-brushing Your Hair

Brushing your hair is essential; however, overdoing it can do more harm than good. It can weaken your hair shaft and lead to breakage as well as split ends. The ideal number of times to brush your hair is two and it is wise to stick to this number to make sure that your hair stays healthy and damage-free.


4. Chemical-infused Products

A plethora of commercial hair products like serum, sprays, hair mousse, etc., are infused with harsh chemicals capable of causing severe damage to your hair. This in turn can lead to various unpleasant hair conditions like hair fall and split ends.


5. Wearing A Top Knot At All Times

A top knot is a highly loved hairstyle; however, always wearing your hair in this particular style can make your hair prone to damage and lead to split ends along with other unappealing conditions. Wearing a top knot at all times can weaken your hair follicles and also have an adverse effect on your hair's natural growth.


6. Teasing Or Back-combing

Teasing or back-combing is often done to minimize the tangles and to boost hair volume. However, combing your hair against the direction can weaken the hair shaft, causing breakage, which leads to split ends.


7. Over-washing Your Hair

Over-washing your hair can leave it looking frayed and cause moisture-deficiency in your scalp. That is because, over-washing can strip your mane off of its natural oil. That is why, it is best to wash your hair not more than two times in a week.


8. Wearing Tight Hairstyles

Wearing tight hairstyles can cause stress in your scalp area and weaken your strands. Hair care experts urge women not to wear their hair in tight hairstyles, as it can cause severe hair loss and make the strands appear damaged and frayed.


9. Brushing Wet Hair

Brushing wet hair is another common habit that can cause an irreversible damage to your mane and leave it looking frayed. Moreover, wet hair strands are highly vulnerable and prone to damage. This habit can lead to unappealing conditions like split ends, etc.


10. Washing Your Hair With Hot Water

This is another highly common habit that can damage your hair shaft and cause split ends. Hot water can strip your hair off of its natural oil and moisture, thereby leaving it dry and dehydrated. And, regular usage of hot water for washing the hair can cause severe damage and leave your locks looking dry and frayed.

Story first published: Sunday, February 4, 2018, 10:00 [IST]
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