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    Side-Effects Of Hair Gels You Probably Didn't Know

    We all want to look perfect all the time - be it our skin, make-up, outfit, or our hair - we want it to be just perfect all day long. And, we take a lot of efforts to ensure that, don't we? To keep our make-up and skin in check, we often carry blotting papers and some basic make-up items in our handbag. Similarly, to keep their hair in check, some women often carry some hair styling products like hair gels, combs, elastic hair bands, and U pins in their bags.

    Speaking about hair gels, we often wonder what are hair gels, what are their benefits and their disadvantages? It is always a good thing to know what product you are using, especially when it comes to skin and hair care and what are its pros and cons.

     Side-Effects Of Hair Gels

    To get a better understanding of the side-effects of hair gels, first we need to understand what are hair gels, how are they used for hair styling, and what are its side-effects.

    What Are Hair Gels & How Are They Used?

    Hair gels are basically hair styling products that are meant to harden your hair in order to style it for a particular hairstyle. Hair gels typically contain a plastic component called PVP which is a polymer sealer. The polymers in this PVP component of the hair gel gets dissolved in water and forms a layer between each strand of hair by attaching them to one another, thus hardening your hair.

    When the hair gel is applied to wet or damp hair, the PVP component in it absorbs the water, thus hardening your hair and allowing it to mould in any way you want - for a particular hairstyle of your choice.

    While hair gels are the most preferred hair styling products, especially when it comes to hairstyles, they have some side-effects that you must be aware of. Listed below is a quick glance at some of the side-effects of hair gels:

    Side-Effects Of Hair Gels

    Dry and dehydrated hair

    You might not be aware of the fact that hair gels contain alcohol as well as corrosive chemicals that strip your hair and scalp of all the moisture, thus leaving it dry and dehydrated most of the time. This results in weak and brittle hair and in turn leads to hair breakage or even worse - split ends. Sometimes, excessive use of hair gels also leads to itchy as well as flaky scalp, resulting in dry, rough, damaged, and frizzy hair.


    Too much usage of hair gels can also lead to dandruff. It is no secret that a dry and damaged scalp is a breeding ground for scalp infections, itchiness, and flakiness - all of which leading to dandruff. Another reason why hair gels cause dandruff is that hair gels rob your scalp of its moisture, leading to improper sebum production, an unhealthy scalp, and weaker hair roots, which in turn cause dry scalp and dandruff.


    Hair damage, hair loss, dry scalp, weak and brittle hair - are some of the most common disadvantages of hair gels. But there is one disadvantage that affects our hair the most and that is discolouration. Hair gels strip your hair of its nourishment and disturb its pH balance, making it unhealthy and weak. The harmful chemicals present in hair gels affect the colour of your hair, fading it and leading to discolouration.

    Hair loss

    As hair gels make your hair weak and brittle, they lead you to hair loss and hair breakage. Hair gels dehydrate your scalp and make it dry, thus making the roots of you hair weak. And, when the roots itself are weak, it automatically hinders hair growth and weakens the existing hair, thus making it prone to damage. Excessive and prolonged use of hair gels is not good for your hair.

    So, the next time you are out to buy a hair gel or any other hair styling product for your hair, do take a note of its pros and cons and weigh all the pros and cons and take a note of all the possibilities before you opt for anything. After all, the health of your hair is of utmost importance, isn't it?

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    Story first published: Monday, October 29, 2018, 14:30 [IST]
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