Myths & Facts About Hair Care

By Tanya Ruia

Hair is the most delicate and vulnerable part in the human body. "Too much care and too much ignorance are both harmful for hair." Is it a myth or a fact? We really have no clue about a lot of myths and facts that we have been hearing in regards to our hair, skin, body, etc.

There are a lot of statements passed by our grandmas, moms, caretakers, etc. when it came to haircare. But we still don't know if they were actually myths or facts.

hair care

Let's see what are some of the most common statements that we hear about hair care and if they are myths or facts:

If you trim or cut your hair frequently, your hair will grow faster

It is a myth.

Fact- The fact is that the hair grows from the root and not from the ends. So a frequent trimming and cutting the hair would not make any difference in the speed of hair growth. It will still continue to grow at that particular speed only. Yes, it does affect in making the hair healthy as it removes the split ends for a long time. But doesn't speeden up the hair growth. So, do not fall for this easily.

Shampooing the hair daily will make your hair thin and dry

It is a myth.

Fact- Fact is that a shampoo that suits your hair properly won't damage it if you shampoo with it daily. Rather it will provide moisture to your hair. Shampooing daily with your best suitable shampoo will keep the sticky oils away from your scalp and your hair will have a better shine and volume.

Oil helps in reducing dandruff

It is a bigtime myth.

Fact- The fact is that dandruff get its roots from the oily scalp. Oil attracts more of dandruff than the dry scalp. So, as soon as you start observing that you are getting more of dandruff, then immediately stop using much of oil. Oiling the scalp will increase the dandruff leading to itching and dry hair. Rather oil worsens the situation of the scalp during dandruff.

Oiling the hair can help you get rid of split ends

It is a complete myth.

Fact- The fact is that no doubt oil nourishes your hair but nowhere it does make you get rid off the split ends. Split ends can be removed off only by the help of trimming or cutting the hair. Oil nourishes the roots of the hair helping them to grow better and healthier.but split ends are already the damaged hair that cannot be get ridden off without cutting them.

You should comb your hair at least 8-10 times a day.

Not at all a fact, completely a myth.

Fact - The fact is that frequent combing of the hair distributes the skin oil over the hair making them weaker. Combing the hair twice or thrice a day is okay and normal. That will never damage the hair. But frequent combing of the hair will lead to hair fall also and make the hair dirtier.

Coloring harms the hair

Half myth half fact.

Myth- all type of colors and dyes are harmful for the hair.
Fact - bleaching and bleach mixed light colors are harmful for the hair which makes the hair strand thin and dead. But dark colors and the colors that don't have bleach mixed in them are not harmful for the hair. Rather they make the hair look glossy and also a thick texture. Bleaching is the most harmful treatment for hair.

Blow drying makes the hair frizzy and more prone to damage - Its half myth & half fact
Blow drying is very very harmful for the hair whenever done and specially soon after shampooing, the use of hair dryer makes the hair frizzy.

Fact- using a hair dryer with a low temperature is all okay but using it frequently always with a very high temperature will damage the hair and make them frizzy and dry.

Long wet hair when exposed to sun and natural air, they do nourish and dry the hair well but they also take the dust particles inside and make the hair a bit hard. It is always advisable to let the hair dry naturally but when you have an emergency, using the dryer for sometime at a low temperature will not damage the hair.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, July 4, 2018, 13:00 [IST]
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