Is Keratin Hair Treatment Really Good For Your Hair?

You must have heard a lot about various hair treatments like hair straightening, hair smoothening, rebonding or perming, but one thing that we all have at least thought of getting done once is keratin hair treatment. Keratin hair treatment is a frequently used and heard term in the beauty sphere - especially in hair care because of the amazing effect it has on your tresses.

While there are so many questions about this hair treatment, how is it done, and its pros and cons, we wonder what exactly is keratin treatment?

Is Keratin Hair Treatment Good For Hair?

What Is Keratin Hair Treatment

Derived from the Greek word 'keras,' keratin literally means 'horn-like.' Keratin is a fibrous protein that forms the key component of the outer layer of your hair and skin. The main purpose of keratin is to protect your tresses from stress or any kind of damage. It is also known to provide strength to your hair, thus promoting hair growth.

In simple terms, keratin forms a protective layer around your hair that keeps it away from damage and frizz to keep it healthy and strong.

The reason why people need to go for a keratin hair treatment is that sometimes due to hair treatments like using excess heat styling products or chemicals, the keratin in your hair can be destroyed - which makes it necessary to restore it back.

Why Is Keratin Hair Treatment So Important For Your Hair?

With the kind of pollution and dust we face on a daily basis, our hair goes through a lot and tends to become frizzy with each passing day. And, it is not secrect that frizzy hair is prone to breakage and damage such as split ends. Since, keratin is a natural ingredient found in our hair, the process of infusing it in our hair as a part of hair treatment is totally beneficial for our hair.

Keratin, when infused in our hair, helps to rebuild our hair structure and also protects it from any kind of damage. Moreover, keratin also helps to make your hair smooth, long, and strong. It slowly helps to regain the thickness of your hair, thus promoting hair growth.

How Does Keratin Hair Treatment Work

Keratin can be infused in your hair in a number of ways. The most common ways include going to a keratin hair treatment at a spa and salon, using keratin-enrriched shampoo and conditioner or consuming keratin supplements (powder or capsule) that are available at any health store.

While keratin supplements and shampoos are an excellent choice, if you are looking at something that will garner instant results, keratin hair treatment at a salon is just what you need.

This treatment begins with the stylist washing your hair and applying a keratin formula to your hair. Once the keratin formula is applied to entire hair, the stylist seals it on your hair with a flat iron. As the flat iron works its way on your hair, it activates the keratin formula and results in smooth, silky, and shiny hair.

Keratin treatment typically takes about 2 and ½ hours, depending on the type and length of your hair.

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Possible Risks Associated With Keratin Hair Treatment

Although keratin is a much preferred choice among women today, there are some possible risks associated with it, which you need to take a note of before opting for any treatment.

Some keratin hair treatments contain large amount of formaldehyde which is a colourless, strong-smelling chemical which is known to have consequences like chest pain, breathlessness, nose and throat irritation. It can also cause cancer and is linked largely to asthma.

There have been cases where some employees at salons had reported nose bleeding due to excessive exposure to formaldehyde used in keratin hair treatments.

To avoid any such health problems, people are often advised to check the levels of formaldehyde in their hair treatments and then go ahead with it. Also, pregnant women and those with respiratory problems are advised not to go for this type of hair treatment.

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    Story first published: Monday, October 15, 2018, 11:00 [IST]
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