Getting Your Hair Coloured? Here Are Some Tips You Might Need

Colored Hair Care Tips: कलर बालों का ऐसे रखें ख्याल | Boldsky

If you wish to give yourself a good makeover, getting your hair coloured can do just that. Also, you can elevate your look even further by getting yourself a trendy haircut.

And, we understand, getting them done at a salon can be quite expensive, especially hair colouring. But, there's no reason to worry. You can colour your hair at home too. But if you are planning to get hair colouring done at home, you have to be very careful, especially if you are doing it alone and there is no one to assist you with it. 

Therefore, here we are, with some easy tips and tricks that will help you with colouring your hair easily at home.

Hair Colouring Tips You Must Know

Do a strand test

This is the most important thing to remember when it comes to hair colour. Do a strand test. Most people do a very common mistake of going by the hair colour of the model displayed on the cover of the hair colouring kit. But, what you would be surprised to know is that when you actually apply the hair colour, it will probably turn out to be a lighter shade than shown in the picture. It is, therefore, essential to do a strand test prior to applying hair colour to your entire hair.


Want a permanent colour? Go for a darker shade

Well, if you want to a permanent hair colour, go for a shade that is slightly darker as the developer that you add to the hair colour will tend to lighten your hair colour considerably. Similarly, if you want to go for a semi-permanent colour, go for a lighter shade.


Make proper sections

While colouring your hair at home, the most important thing one needs to keep in mind is proper sectioning of your hair. The correct way to partition your hair for applying colour is always parting vertically from the centre of your forehead to the nape of your neck. Then, make partitions horizontally from ear to ear. Now that you have 4 equal sections, start with one section at a time. Start colouring your hair from the back and work your way towards the front.


Dry ends? Try shampoo + colour

Dry ends absorb colour very quickly, therefore while applying hair colour, you need to make sure that you leave out dry ends while applying hair colour. Once you have applied colour to your entire hair, except for dry ends, you can wait for it to dry. Before you wash your hair, just take some leftover colour and mix it with a little shampoo and apply it to the dry ends. Leave it on for 2-3 minutes before you wash off the hair colour completely.


Conditioning is very important

Conditioning your hair is an important part of hair care routine. And, for coloured hair, it is most important as it moisturises your hair and it closes your hair cuticles that had opened up while applying hair colour. It thus prevents your hair colour from getting lighter than your desired shade.


Want to get highlights done? Use a toothbrush

Well, if you want to get highlights done at home, simply use a toothbrush to apply hair colour on small sections of your hair. The bristles of the toothbrush are a perfect option for a smooth application and will ensure that your highlights blend perfectly with your hair colour.


Apply colour to your roots first

This is because your hair is the darkest at the roots, therefore, it needs more time to process the hair colour. So, apply hair colour to the roots of your hair first and then work your way towards the tips.


Wear gloves while applying hair colour and washing it

Well, hair colour can stain your hands. And, it would take a lot of effort to get rid of the stains from your hands. It is, therefore, necessary that you wear gloves while applying as well as washing hair colour.


Use two mirrors

Having two mirrors in place while applying hair colour at home is very important. The reason behind this is very simple. Colouring the hair at the back of your head can be quite tricky and difficult especially if you do not have someone to assist you with it. You definitely do not want to miss a section of your hair at the back while colouring entire hair, right? Therefore, keep a hand-held mirror with you and keep checking if you have coloured all your hair at the back properly.


Wear a shower cap

Always wear a shower cap after applying hair colour as you have to wait for a certain period of time before you wash it away. And, in order to be able to do some other stuff while the colour does its work, you can simply put on a shower cap and move around freely without having to worry about the colour staining anything.

Well, isn't it quite easy to colour your hair at home without wasting money on expensive salons? Be confident and give yourself a classy makeover!

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