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    Dos & Don'ts To Remember After A Refreshing Hair Wash

    Your hair goes through a lot every day. Right from facing dirt, pollution, and other impurities hair bands and other hair accessories that you use. But, what makes it all better is a simple and refreshing hair wash. It makes your hair stronger and healthier and also strengthens its roots.

    What's more? Your hair needs some nourishment too, along with hair wash. At times, using a home-made hair mask or a hair oil can really prove to be beneficial for your hair - making or stronger than before. And, as you all know, whether you apply a hair mask or massage with hot oil, one thing that is inevitable is a refreshing hair wash in the end.

    Hair Wash - Dos & Donts To Remember

    But what if we tell you that there are some dos and don'ts you need to keep in mind after getting a hair wash done? Curious to know what these essential tips are?

    Dos To Remember After A Refreshing Hair Wash

    1. Dry your wet hair with a t-shirt

    Well, you might be quite surprised by this - drying wet hair with a tee. Why not simply use a towel like we usually do? Because a towel tends to rough up your hair shaft and it can also cause considerable damage to your locks. Worst of all, it has the potential to cause split-ends, thus making your hair weak and breakable. On the other hand, using a t-shirt can help to avoid these hair problems.

    2. Use a hair serum

    Always choose a hair serum according to your hair type. Also, one thing you should know about hair serums is that they help to fight frizz and keep your hair smooth, soft, and shiny. Never skip using a serum on damp hair after a hair wash.

    3. Detangle the knots using your fingers

    Again, this is something most people go wrong with. People often use a comb or a brush to remove tangled hair. If you are one among them, stop it right away as it might result in hair breakage. Always use your fingers to gently detangle knots - irrespective whether your hair is wet or dry.

    Don'ts To Remember After A Refreshing Hair Wash

    1. Do not use a blow dryer immediately on wet hair

    You must have often heard this from many people who keep telling you how is it not a good idea to blow dry your hair often. Well, guess what? They were absolutely correct! Using blow dryer often - especially on wet hair - results in dry hair. The heat generated from the blow dryer takes away moisture from your hair, leaving it dry and brittle. And, you definitely don't want that now, do you?

    2. Combing wet hair? Stop it right away!

    Combing wet hair? A complete no-no! Why? Because using anything on hair - like for example comb, hair bands, elastic bands, U pins - will lead to hair breakage. Simple, isn't it? So why use such things and aggravate hair fall and split ends? Simply use your fingers to detangle the knots and let your hair air dry. Once it is dried, you can use comb or brush and tie your hair in whichever hairstyle you wish. But as long as you are dealing with wet hair, be careful!

    3. Hair bands & clips are a no-no for wet hair

    Your mother must have told you this so many times - not to tie your hair immediately after a wash. But have you ever paid heed to what she said? If not, you must now as it is a serious concern. Why? Because tying up wet hair leads to hair breakage. And worse - tying up hair with elastic bands further leads to split ends which mean total damage, isn't it? Also, when you tie up wet hair, the hair doesn't dry up well and the dampness of the hair could lead to dandruff.

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