DIY Tips To Prevent Hair Fall & Baldness In Men

By Saaransh Arora

Every man wishes to have healthy hair and even the thought of having bald patches, receding hairline, etc., can frighten a man, as hair is the most important aspect of his look.

Hair loss is one of the major hair-related problems that a lot of men face. This can be very embarrassing, as the men suffering from such problems tend to lose their hair continuously and it becomes very tough to grow new hair. This problem can occur because of various factors such as age, poor health, usage of poor quality water, bad hygiene, etc.

how to prevent hair fall

With professional help, this problem can be treated; but it is very expensive and time-consuming, as one has to make sure to regularly visit the doctor for any therapy.

Diet is another important aspect, as it directly affects the texture and health of the hair. Eating unhealthy and fast food can also result in thinning of the hair along with hair loss, as the body does not get the minerals and protein that help make the hair grow faster.

Thinking about how to treat this problem without spending much money or time?

Well, here, are a few DIY hacks you could try to reduce hair loss and increase a good hair growth.

1. Beetroot And Henna Hair Pack

Beetroot is a vegetable that a person can apply topically as well as consume to gain a good dose of Folic Acid, Vitamin B6, Iron, etc, which are all the essential nutrients required for hair growth.

Henna helps by unclogging the pores on the scalp and in balancing the pH levels of the scalp to maintain a good growth of hair, with less breakage.

Beetroot Leaves: 2-3 leaves
Beetroot: ½
Henna Leaves: 2-3

Take the Beetroot Leaves and Henna Leaves in equal proportions, add ½ beetroot and blend everything well. Now, add water to make a mix. Apply on the hair and scalp Leave this mix for about 20 minutes and wash it off with water and mild shampoo.

2. Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits are a good source of Vitamin C and also contain antioxidants that help to unclog the pores and reduce any fungal and bacterial infection on the scalp. Fruits like lemon, orange, kiwi, etc., can help in cleansing of the scalp, which promotes good hair growth and strengthens hair.

Select any one of the following:
Orange: 1
Lemon: 2-3
Kiwi: 1

Squeeze the fruit and collect the juice in a container. Apply the juice on your scalp and leave it untouched for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with a mild shampoo.

3. Hibiscus For Hair Fall and Hair Growth

Hibiscus is one flower that helps in preventing hair fall and promotes growth at the same time by providing Vitamin C and amino acids. It also conditions your hair to remove any kind of a dryness.

Hibiscus Flower: 1-2

Grind the Hibiscus Flowers with water to make a mix. Apply it, leave it for 20 minutes and let it dry. Wash with clean water.

4. Onion Juice

Onion is one vegetable which is the most beneficial for hair growth as well as it helps protect the hair from any further damage. It prevents dandruff and is rich in sulphur, which helps reduce any kind of a scalp infection.

Onion: 1

Peel the Onion and cut it into 4 pieces. Add some water and blend well. Filter the mix with a clean cloth to ensure that nothing gets stuck in your hair. Apply this mix, leave for 30 minutes and wash it off with a mild shampoo.

5. Coconut Oil:

This is a tried-and-tested method, as everyone has applied this oil at least once in their lifetime. Coconut oil and milk are rich in protein, which helps to rejuvenate hair. It adds shine and makes the hair stronger.

Coconut Oil/Coconut Milk: 1 Cup

Apply Coconut Oil and massage your hair for 15 minutes. Keep it overnight and wash it in the morning with a mild shampoo. Repeat this 3 times in a week.

6. Green Tea

Green tea is good for both the body and hair, as it is anti-inflammatory in nature and kills any kind of parasites on the scalp. It also increases blood circulation to the scalp. You can drink green tea and wash your hair with it.

Green Tea: 3-4 tea bags
Water: ½ liter

Dip 3 tea bags in half a liter of water and wash your hair with it. Keep it on for 10 minutes and then rinse your hair with clean water.

7. Neem Water

Neem is an Indian medicinal plant that cures all kinds of hair-related problems. It can help remove flakes, dirt, oil, dandruff and prevent infections, thereby promoting hair growth. It opens the pores, which promote hair growth and has no side effects.

Neem Leaves: 12-15 leaves

Boil the water with neem leaves and leave it to cool. Then, wash your head with neem water. Wait for 10 minutes and rinse your head with clean water.

A Few Effective Tips To Reduce Hair Fall

• Use a soft brush or comb While brushing your hair
• Use a wide-toothed comb
• Use a herbal or mild shampoo
• Use no or fewer hair products
• Avoid brushing your hair too much
• Use a cap when going out in the sun to reduce sun damage to the hair
• Be gentle with your hair

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    Story first published: Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 22:30 [IST]
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