Benefits Of Sesame Oil For Hair You Probably Didn’t Know

Ah!!! The things we women do for our skin and hair. We are obsessed with our hair and want it to look perfect all the time. We take a lot of time to go through the regular routine of hair care like oiling, shampooing, conditioning, etc. But we end up damaging them alike as well.

In the attempt to always look well groomed, we damage our hair using umpteen number of products and heating tools to style our hair and make it look the way we want. This in turn damages the hair shaft and weakens the follicles, resulting in hair fall and problems such as rough hair, frizzy hair, dryness and split ends. Therefore, it becomes important to give proper nourishment to our hair and reverse the effects of damage.

Benefits Of Sesame Oil For Hair

One effective way to do it is by oiling our hair regularly. Although there are many choices of hair oils available in the market, this article will tell you about the oil which has not gotten its due yet - Sesame oil.

Sesame oil is extracted from the edible sesame seeds. Usually known for the amazing flavour it imparts in dishes when used in the kitchen, sesame oil works amazingly well on our hair too. That's right!! Read on to know about the amazing benefits of sesame oil on our hair.

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Here are some amazing benefits of sesame oil for hair

1) Protects hair from the sun
The sun's powerful UV rays have a potential to cause a lot of problems for humans. While we use a sun block to protect our skin from its harmful UV rays, our hair is often neglected. The fact is our hair too is prone to a lot of damage. Sesame oil creates a protective layer on our hair and blocks out the UV rays. It also protects the hair from pollution and other elements.

2) Repairs hair damage
Using styling tools and products on a daily basis can make our hair turn dry and frizzy. Sesame oil is full of polyunsaturated fatty acids which moisturize the hair. The oil penetrates deep into the cuticles and instantly repairs them.

3) Encourages hair growth
Who doesn't want thick and long hair? But the rate of our hair growth proves to be a bummer. Sesame oil is rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 acids, which penetrate deep into the scalp and rejuvenate the hair follicles. Massaging the scalp with warm sesame oil increases blood circulation and encourages hair growth. The vitamins E and K too promote the growth of healthy hair.

4) Prevents greying of hair
Ever wondered how your favourite aunt's hair never appears to be grey? Probe her to reveal her secret and it may just turn out to be sesame oil. It is known to protect the natural colour of your hair and prevents it from turning grey. The fatty acids present in the oil revitalise the hair follicles and help restore its natural colour.

5) Helps combat dandruff
Dandruff is a very common problem among people with dry scalps. The moisturizing properties of sesame oil help nourish the scalp to prevent dandruff and flakiness. The high vitamin, mineral and fatty acid content promote healthy scalp and keep infections at bay.

6) Nourishes coloured hair
Dry and brittle hair is a common complaint among people with coloured hair, as the chemicals present in the colour strip away the hair's natural moisture. Using sesame oil helps the hair restore its moisture content and gives it a glossy shine, which everyone craves for.

7) Helps reduce stress-induced hair fall
Our busy and hectic lifestyles often leave our hair as stressed as ourselves. The cooling properties of sesame oil can help relieve stress on the hair and thus minimize hair fall.

8) Helps get rid of lice
The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of sesame oil make it an excellent treatment for lice. In fact, regular usage of sesame oil can help deter the growth of lice in the first place. Lice hate the scent of sesame oil and tend to stay away from it.

How To Use Sesame Oil To Derive Maximum Benefits

Unlike other oils, sesame oil works great if used with carrier oils like coconut oil or olive oil. It also makes for great hair masks when combined with other hair-friendly natural ingredients like avocado, aloe vera or egg, based on the hair problems you are facing.

You can use the below guide for some amazing combinations of sesame oil for different hair problems.

1) Sesame oil + Aloe vera gel for UV rays damage repair.
2) Sesame oil + Avocado for nourishing dry and damaged hair.
3) Sesame oil + Egg for intense protein treatment.
4) Sesame oil + Fenugreek seeds for dandruff.
5) Sesame oil + Curry leaves for hair growth.

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