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    Big Forehead? Try These Simple Yet Superb Hairstyles

    Have you ever thought that your big forehead is a problem? Well, guess what? It isn't a problem at all! In fact, it is one of the plus points a woman can have. How? If you have a big forehead, you can actually have almost any kind and length of bangs or fringes that will accentuate your look. You actually get to choose from a variety of hairstyles and compliment it beautifully with stylish bangs.

    And, speaking about hairstyles, they can do wonders. Right from covering up your forehead to laying focus on it, hairstyles can really elevate your entire look.

    To make things easier for you, we've created a list of different hairstyles that are suitable for those who have a big forehead.

    Hairstyles For Big Forehead

    Volumising Cascading Layers

    There's nothing sexier than cascading layers, especially if you've got long hair, don't you agree? And, if you can go for a no partition look by sweeping all your hair behind and just let those volumising layers fall loose on one side, nothing like it. You can try to cover up your big forehead by letting some loose bangs fall on one side of your forehead - the same side on which you have kept your layers loose just like Selena Gomez in this picture.


    Curtain Bangs

    Bangs are the best, especially when they help to hide your big forehead. But did you know that bangs are not just meant for going along with any hairstyles - they can also be tricky. Speaking of which, have you ever tried curtain bangs?

    If not, you could really take some inspiration from Jennifer Lopez. You can either get your hair tied up in a high bun or let it loose and play with the bangs. Create a middle partition and get bangs done on either sides. When they fall loose on your forehead, they get the look of a curtain.


    Side Fishtail Braid With Deep Side Bangs

    Now, this is something you can go for if you've got a big forehead. All you have to do is make a messy side fishtail braid (you can also opt for a normal side messy braid here) with deep side messy bangs - just like Eva Longoria.

    The bangs will perfectly hide your forehead andmatch your braid perfectly too.


    Messy Low Ponytail

    You might have seen this hairstyle a lot - especially when Kareena Kapoor sported it flawlessly. Pretty and poised, this pony tail look can easily be achieved by simple brushing your hair, making a side partition with all hair on the side of the bigger partition, tied tightly into a low ponytail. Now, isn't it simple?

    Also, if you already hair bangs, you can push them towards the side of the bigger partition and let it loose. You can also straighten your bangs using a hair straightener - but that's up to you!


    Curled Side Bun

    Not everyone can pull off a messy bun look. But again, there's a trick to get it right! Those who can do it right, nothing like it. It instantly elevate your entire look and makes you look prettier. And, Sonam Kapoor just nailed it and looked absolutely gorgeous. To get this look, you need to loosely brush your hair, gather it on one side and get it together into a side loose bun without using a comb.

    The trick here is that when you pull your hair towards any one side for the bun, ensure that you have held it loosely so that it creates a puff towards the front, thus covering your big forehead.

    Now you know there is absolutely nothing wrong in having a big forehead. As a matter of fact, it might be a good thing as you get a chance to play with your hair, cover up your forehead with stylish bangs and fringes which usually people with smaller forehead can't. Isn't that something to be happy about now?

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    Story first published: Tuesday, September 25, 2018, 16:30 [IST]
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