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Why Ammonia-Free Hair Colour Is Good For You?

By Jaiwantika Dutta Dhupkar

Just when you thought you were all ready to take on the world with your trendy new hair colour, did you discover dry, damaged hair for months together?

Isn't it possible to have healthy and beautiful coloured hair at the same time? Do all beauty brands have to be such a scam? So, what is the solution? The answer to this is, Yes, you can totally have healthy and gorgeous-looking coloured hair and that is if you opt for ammonia-free hair colours to colour your hair.

Ammonia-free hair colour is what you do either after you've burned your fingers and your hair with conventional hair colouring techniques, or if you're really cautious and wise and want to make an informed choice early on in your hair-colouring session. Nevertheless, going ammonia-free has certain definite benefits.


Ammonia - A Cleaning Agent:

Ammonia is known to be an effective, harsh cleaning agent. It's no good on hair and skin and applying it topically as a cosmetic isn't expected to do wonders for your hair either.


Ammonia - The Toxin:

Ammonia is a known toxin, dangerous, even in small amounts, to pets and children. People with bronchial illnesses, sinusitis and respiratory tract infections should stay away from ammonia fumes. Prolonged exposure to ammonia can also cause a host of dangerous illnesses, which is why people use it as a cleaning agent with caution.


Ammonia - the Cosmetic:

Ammonia's purpose in hair colours is completely pointless, especially when there is a world of organic, completely natural hair colours out there that don't do a fraction of the damage that ammonia does. As a cosmetic, ammonia has no real benefits - it doesn't make you prettier - and it doesn't have to be in your hair colour at all.

Say Hello to Organic Hair Colours! "Ammonia-free" introduces you to a world of good. Here are the benefits of using ammonia-free hair colours.


No More Flaky, Itchy Scalp:

Organic colours don't dry your hair like ammonia does. They nourish your hair with essential vitamins and micronutrients instead and your scalp will feel the difference.


No More Torn Hair Cuticles:

Ammonia permanently damages the PH of your hair. The cuticles are torn open and henceforth lose all their moisture and protein. The result is dry, brittle hair. Organic, ammonia-free colours are gentler on your hair cuticles and your hair will soon be shining with health again.


No More Hair Fall:

If your hair began thinning ever since you started using an ammonia-based hair colour, switch to organic hair colour instead. Your hair will return to normal in no time.


No More Secondary Allergies:

If your sinus or bronchial infection was acting up every time you coloured your hair, then worry no more. An ammonia-free colour won't aggravate any secondary allergies that you may have, and colouring your hair won't have to be a painful health hazard any more.


Your Overall Health Improves:

Keeping away from toxins like ammonia is eventually good for you, and it will have a positive effect on your mind and body. Slathering a toxin on your head in the name of beauty can never be right.

Ammonia-free hair colours are readily available in the market, so make a healthier choice when you colour your hair and go AMMONIA FREE!

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