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Tricks To Deal With Combination Hair

By Rima Chowdhury

Combination hair is generally a mixture of oily and dry hair. Combination hair is neither dry nor oily, but you generally see dry ends with extremely oily scalps in these hair types.

One day you have fabulous hair, but the next day, you can observe oily roots and lifeless hair. Well, combination hair starts with oily scalp, which can further lead to frizzy ends.

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Combination hair is extremely difficult to manage and hence, here we mention to you different ways in which you could deal with this hair type better.


1. Choose The Right Type Of Shampoo

There are several types of shampoos available for combination hair; but it is very important to pick up the right one for yourself. You should pick up the right kind of shampoo which can help to treat the oiliness on the scalp and also keep your ends moisturised and hydrated. With a large array of shampoos for combination hair in the market, it does not prove to be effective every time. So, it is always good to try a small packet of the shampoo first and choose the right type of shampoo for your hair, so that it does not weigh down leaving you with greasy hair.


2. Check The Water Temperature

You should always check the temperature of water while shampooing your hair, as it may create a great impact on your tresses. Using hot water on your hair can create a great havoc and may leave it overdried and frizzy. People with combination hair should stay away from hot water, as it may leave you with brittle and frayed hair. Always use lukewarm water which is gentle on your tresses as well as scalp.


3. Avoid Too Much Oil

You should avoid oiling your hair too much, as it may affect the texture of your hair to a larger extent. Oiling your hair frequently can lead to the use of shampoo, which in turn strips off the natural oils from the scalp. It is advisable to use a lightweight shampoo that does not cause your hair to turn too oily and also the one that helps maintain the pH level of the scalp. Avoid using shampoos with parabens extracts in them.


4. Use Conditioner Wisely

After shampooing, it is very important to prep your hair with the help of a conditioner. You should pay attention to the quantity of the conditioner, as using too much of the conditioner can cause more oil to be produced on the scalp. Also due to chemical extracts found in conditioner, it may leave you with dry and damaged hair. It is always good to use a conditioner only at the ends of the hair.

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5. Prevent The Use Of Heat

Using straightening machines or blow dryers can lead to a great damage to the combination hair type. You should stay away from styling machines as much as possible, as they may lead to brittle, fragile hair and uncontrollable hair loss. Using a blow-dryer excessively may strip off the natural oil from the scalp, thus leaving you with overdried scalp and hair.


6. Use A Natural Bristle Brush

While dealing with combination hair, it is extremely important to take care of your hair as you are dealing with two different types of hair (oily and dry) at the same time. Now since the human body produces natural oils on the scalp, using a natural bristle brush may help to distribute the oil over the scalp, thus giving you hydrated and soft tresses.


7. Use A Clarifying Shampoo

Styling your hair too often can lead you to get excessively dry and brittle hair. Using styling products can lead to the development of build-ups on the scalp further damaging the hair tresses and eradicating the oil from scalp. In order to get rid of the build-ups on scalp, you should be using a clarifying shampoo that can help to remove the build-up from the scalp. It leaves your scalp clear and clean.


8. Go For Protective Hairstyles

You should go for protective hairstyles, as they helps to reduce split ends easily. Covering the dry and split ends can help in several ways, as it prevents breakage and brittle hair. You can opt for hairstyles such as braids, as it can help to protect the tresses completely. Opt for braid and bun styles more often.


9. Go For Hats And Scarves

You should wear a hat while stepping out during the summer days. Covering your hair under a hat can prevent the accumulation of oil on the scalp and also protect the hair from sun damage. You can also wear a scarf that will not only help to protect your face, but also protect your tresses from damage.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 18, 2017, 20:00 [IST]
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