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Trending Beard Styles For Men Of All Ages To Follow And Try

Men love experimenting with their beard and moustache. In fact, beard and moustache are one of the primary ways for men to experiment with their looks. It is hair, beard, and moustache that make a man more frequent and regular to the salon.

So, despite all their disinterest in beauty, makeup or grooming, when it comes to a good beard or moustache style, they do not miss a thing at styling it perfectly well.

While flipping through a magazine or as their colleague does a moustache makeover, men too try following these in order to be in the handsome hunk gang.

Helping beard lovers and moustache maniacs get their goal styles, here are eight beard and moustache styles that are trending and worth following.

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All of these might not happen at home and a salon touch might be required to do or maintain these mantastic beard and moustache styles. But on opting for these, a rise in your social media likes, love and comments is certain from your female followers.


Short Stubble Beard

Now, if you have always been the clean shaven one due to parental pressures and are saying a "Hi" to beard and moustache makeover, then short stubble beard is your cup of tea. The best part is, approximately within 15 days from your last clean shave day, you can rock this style with ease.


Messy Beard With An Imperial Style Moustache

Imperial style moustache came back in style to India after Ranveer Singh's look in the film Ram Leela. Along the imperial moustache, a clean shave makes the moustache more prominent. If you opt for a messy beard with the imperial moustache, then your beard style and effort on it becomes evident to the others.


Pricky Unshaven Beard And Moustache

Now, if you are leading a very hectic life and have really less time in hand to spend on your beard and moustache, then you can count on the pricky unshaven beard and moustache. An electronic razor shaver or a salon professional can help you make your beard pricky and noticeable after you get a good growth.


Cowboy Moustache With A Clean Shave

Very old school, for this one, your usual shaving routine will follow. From cheeks to the neckline, you will have to clean off all and just leave the moustache part. Once the cowboy moustache is well developed, do trim and groom it for good looks 24X7.


Groomed Beard With Defined Moustache And Goatee

Do not mistake this for a full beard. If you look at the picture carefully, then after his hair ends, the beard starts from a distance and then the beginning has been well shaped. This beard style can go up to the neckline or end after the chin. A distinct goatee under the lips and moustache is very important, as this is the highlight of this look.


Circle Beard (Familiar As French Style)

Men of all ages can try this circle bearded style. For Indians, after the big Bachchan opted for this style at his veteran stage, it sets a benchmark. The circle bearded style requires considerable grooming and can be tweaked with more facial hair as well. Do not miss on the goatee the man has right below his lips.


Van Dyke Beard With Clean Shave And Optional Moustache

Very easy to do, especially during the early beard days and moustache experiments, this one comes from the popular Flemish painter called Anthony Van Dyke. This mostly focuses on the goatee and the underchin beard than the rest of the facial hair.


Full Beard Style, Extended From Hair

So many celebs and people around you by now have tried the full-beard style. Though this may seem like no effort is required, well that's a wrong thought. Firstly, the long wait time to make your facial hair grow so long is tedious and next, when you have a full beard, you have to ensure regular salon visits to keep it in good shape and well groomed.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 20, 2017, 13:00 [IST]
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