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Top Reasons Why You Have Greasy Hair

By Somya Ojha

It goes without saying that greasy strands can be a pain to deal with. This condition makes your hair appear unhealthy and dirty at all times. Greasiness occurs when there is an over-production of sebum in your hair.

There are numerous factors that can cause this hair condition. Health issues, genes, pollution, unhealthy diet as well as certain hair care habits can make your tresses appear oily even after shampooing.

Of all the aforementioned factors, bad hair care habits can be easily changed and controlled. In case you're wondering what those are, we've got you covered.
As today we've curated a list of reasons that may be making your tresses appear greasy. Change these beauty habits to combat this hair condition.

Several women have combated the below-stated hair care habits and have been able to reduce the greasiness in their tresses.

Knowledge about these reasons will help you tackle the greasy hair problem in an effective manner. And, also help you achieve the kind of tresses you've always dreamed of.

Read on to know about the reasons for greasy hair here:


1. You Always Keep Your Hair Tied Up

Do you keep your hair tied up at all times? If so, then this habit may be causing your strands to become greasy. This habit may stimulate production of sebum and also damage your hair shaft. Avoid that by leaving your hair open for a good part of the day.


2. You’re Over Shampooing Your Hair

Over shampooing is another common reason for greasy strands. This hair care habit can rob your follicles of its natural moisture and also cause an excess production of sebum thereby causing greasiness. To avoid that, just make sure to shampoo your hair not more than twice a week.


3. You Touch Your Hair Too Often

Our hands are exposed to all kinds of germs, dirt and toxins. And, through our hands, we end up transferring the same impurities to our scalp and tresses. Build-up of such toxins can wreak havoc in the state of your locks and make them appear oily and unhealthy at all times.


4. You Use Wrong Hair Products

Using right hair products is considered to be a good hair care practice. However, not doing so can adversely affect the condition of your tresses. And, if you already have oily hair then not using right hair products can make them appear oilier and ruin your entire look. Avoid that by using products that suit your hair type.


5. You’re Over Conditioning your hair

When it comes to conditioning your hair, less is more. Always use a little bit of a conditioner after shampooing your hair. Using too much of it can easily result to excess sebum production and do more harm than good to your tresses.


6. You’re Over Brushing Your Hair

While brushing is essential for hair care, over brushing can cause damage to your hair shaft, cause breakage and also make your locks appear greasy. Make it a habit to just brush hair twice a day.


7. You Use Hot Water For Washing Your Hair

Hot water can strip your locks of its natural moisture, damage hair shaft and also lead to excess production of sebum thereby causing greasy-looking hair. Prevent that by using lukewarm water for washing your hair.


8. You Often Use Heat Styling Tools

It goes without saying that excessive usage of heat styling tools can damage your hair. These styling tools can adversely affect the health of your hair and cause over-production of sebum. This in turn, can make your tresses appear greasy at all times.

Story first published: Saturday, November 25, 2017, 13:05 [IST]
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