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10+ Hairstyles For The Perfect Office Look

By Kripa Chowdhury

Some spend hours before the mirror and some just do it in minutes - when it comes to getting ready for office. Every day we head to the same place, spending a large portion of the day; but we can't just land up in our pajamas, can we? This article is here to help you decide on the best hairstyles for work, continue reading.

To stand up to the office etiquette and be presentable to the world outside, every day before going to work, it is important to dress and deck up properly. Managing our hair and having a neat hairdo for work is what takes most of our precious time. And it is rather boring to have a same look every day, isn't it?

The concern for a perfect hairstyle to work especially increases in case of meetings and appointments. Keep calm ladies! We have suggested below some of the best hairstyles for work that will add charm to your personality. So, try these hairstyles for office to have a fuss free day at the office.



Simplest, fastest and easiest hairstyle to do for the office is a ponytail. By ponytail, the reference is to the neatly combed one with a coloured hair band that matches with your clothes. A ponytail can be done by women of both long and short hair. Many a times, by the sides of the ponytail, small hair fringes pop out, which makes it messy. Those can be fixed by placing hair pins or fancy clips.


Straight Hair

When you are absolutely confused what to do with hair, a very trending style is hair straightening. At the beginning, get a hair straightener home and you can try it out all by yourself. If you think that the straight hair is suiting your face, you can always head to a salon for the professional one. The best part about straight hair is, it looks clean and can be simply left open than tying it up.



Generations of women have done hair plait to work and you can follow the same. Hair plait can be accessorized in many ways to make it look innovative. When doing the hair braid, there are two ways to do it - either the soft messy one or the tidy tight one. Hair braid is better if someone else does it for you.


Straight With Bottom Stiff Curls

Now, you like straight hair and you also like curls. How about putting both of them on your hair? This hairstyle is more ideal if you have long hair. You can start by straightening your hair from the roots to midway of the hair and then by the end, use a curler to make stiff curls. Both hair straightening and curling require a hairstyling machine that you can keep at home for everyday use.


Half Tied Hair

Many women like open hair, but find it little tough to be maintained all day long. For them, comes the option of half tying. In this, while you keep the entire hair open, from the top layer, you can take a portion and fix it into a ponytail with a clutch or clip. Some women make buns instead of the ponytails when going for this hairstyle for office.



Though it might look little old-school, it is one of the perfect hairstyles for work - braid-bun, because this hairstyle protects the hair from getting tangled or turn frizzy. To do this, you have to first prepare a neat braid and then make it into a round bun. Please note, it is important to tuck in ample clips to the braided bun in order to keep it fixed all day long.


Fish Tail Braid Style

Fish tail is that one hairstyle which you can do to work and even continue with the same to the following office party. Fish tail braid is not everyone's cup of tea and needs to be practiced at home, before you do it to work. Women with short and long hair, both can go for the fish tail braid style.


Top Knot

If you don't want your hair to come along while working in office, just tie it into a bun and place it on the top of your head. This hairstyle for office is called a top knot and was a trend among heroines specially in the 80s. When doing the top knot bun, do ensure that you equally comb the front and back parts of your hair.


A Twist At The Back

Whether you have straight hair or curly hair, at the back without any styling it looks dull. But then, in the morning you would prefer a quick styling, right? Just take portions of your hair by the ears from both ends and tuck them at the center with a clutcher. This is an easy twist to any hair while leaving it open and this hairstyle completely changes your looks.


A Clumsy Bun

Some women do not like the idea of a hairstyle done in the morning to stay till night. Even in between work, they prefer spending two minutes to redo their hairstyle. For them, doing a clumsy hair bun makes sense. To keep it in place, you can use a hair stick or clutch or rubber band. Whenever you think your bun is becoming lose, take a second to redo it. The best part is - this hairstyle offers a very modern look, yet it is super fast to do this with hardly any effort required.


Side Bun

This is a bun that you place by the ears. Now which side you will place the bun depends on the shape of your face. The side bun can be a plain or braided one. When doing this, don't miss fixing the side bun with lots of clips, so that it is firm by the time you come back home.


Long Layers

Layering your hair looks good. In case of long layering, it also becomes easy to maintain. While the initial layering has to be done at a salon, but it can always be taken care at home. In case you want to flaunt your layers in office, then sleep at night in a ponytail and the next day, your layers will be in the limelight.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 21, 2017, 16:00 [IST]
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