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All You Need To Know About Keratin Hair Treatment Before You Opt For It

Constant exposure to pollution, time-constraint for hair care and fast life are the key problems due to which today's women are so unhappy about their hair.

Dandruff, lice, brittle hair, tangled hair, frizzy hair, hair fall, dull hair and so many kinds of hair problems bother today's women often. The scene of hair problems was lesser in case of our moms and aunts because their hair was not so exposed to light and dirt. Now, when hair care is such a challenge in today's time, it is backed by professional remedies as well.

To get rid of all the hair problems on a temporary basis, salons now offer one of a kind of hair straightening and smoothening treatment that alters the look and feel of your hair.

keratin hair treatment

This treatment also cures the acute hair problems you face and thereby gives you good-looking hair.

The most common and popular hair straightening method that is trending in India right now is the Keratin Hair Treatment.

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As the name is quite complex, in one go, it is not easy to understand, so here is a compilation of all the basic details related to the keratin hair treatment that you must learn before opting for the same.

Keratin Hair Treatment:

By terminology, keratin is a protein that exists in human hair and nails. There are two kinds of keratins in the skin - namely alpha-keratins and beta-keratins.

In the keratin hair treatment, extra keratin is added to your hair in order to fill its porosity gaps and put back protein in the damaged areas of your hair. This is further followed by ironing your hair, which ultimately leads to silky and smooth hair.

Process Of Keratin Hair Treatment:

Salon-based professional keratin hair treatments begin with a hair wash, add liquid version of the protein keratin in sections of your hair, blow dry and then follow the hair-ironing session to make your hair look pin-point straight.

Some salons further follow this with a keratin-sealing serum and repeat blow-dry. The hair straightening happens due to the heat from hair iron and chemicals of the keratin liquid.

Duration Of Keratin Hair Treatment:

Usually, keratin treatment takes up to 3-4 hours for short hair. The time duration of keratin hair treatment can go up, depending on the length of the hair.

The after-effects of the keratin hair treatment can last up to two months if done from a really good and professional salon.

Benefits/Merits Of The Keratin Hair Treatment Procedure:

  • The foremost benefit of keratin hair treatment is, it reduces hair blow-dry span up to 50%.
  • Keratin hair treatment also makes frizzy and tangled hair become straight and neat. The hair becomes arranged, manageable and good to look at.
  • The application of keratin in liquid form to the roots of the hair also improves the hair quality.
  • After keratin treatment, clients have accepted that their hair has become glossy and shiny.
  • Keratin treatment adds a style factor to the hair and also bounces the hair volume.
  • After the keratin treatment, hair stylists claim that even going out on a windy or stormy day will keep your hair in shape.

Demerits Of The Keratin Hair Treatment:

  • Please note, in case you have thick curls, then keratin treatment may lighten your curls but not straighten it out.
  • After the keratin treatment, you cannot go for a hair wash for up to 4 days. The alternative is using a dry shampoo.
  • This allows the keratin to work on your hair and scalp to show results.
  • In case your keratin hair treatment contains glycolic acid, then that can change the colour of your present hair.
  • You cannot strictly tie your hair or put hair accessories for up to 4 days of getting the keratin hair treatment done.
  • At the initial stage of the keratin hair treatment, your hair may smell weird; do not panic as by the end of it, you will be having a good aroma revived in your hair.
  • Professional keratin hair treatment in the salon is very expensive.

Precautions Of The Keratin Hair Treatment:

  • Ensure that after the keratin hair treatment, you only use sodium-sulphate-free shampoo, as it allows to maintain the after-effects of the keratin hair treatment.
  • Do discuss in advance with an expert hair care professional regarding the pros and cons of the keratin hair treatment and if it is good for your hair or not, depending on your hair type, length and colour.
  • Please try to go for keratin hair treatments that are formaldehyde-free or devoid of formaldehyde-producing ingredients, though this raises the cost of the keratin hair treatment.
  • The after-effects of the keratin hair treatment completely evolve once your hair starts regrowing.

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