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If Your Damaged Hair Is Evading All Treatment, Here's What You Should Use

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Hair damage is something that all girls face, sadly enough. If the damage is really bad and the hair has lost all its luster, it is time for serious remedies. This is what you need when your hair is suffering from serious damage. Yes, we're talking about Argan oil here. Listed below are some of the best benefits that argan oil has for the hair.

All of us girls are fully aware of how painful and depressing it is when the hair is damaged and seems to be beyond repair. When your hair starts to feel rough and there is a lot of breakage in the middle of the hair, it is time for you to take some serious measures to fix it.

Sometimes, the hair is so brittle and weak that it just breaks, and the slightest tug or even running through a comb is enough to break off the delicate hair. All this only means that your hair is crying out for help.

So, use argan oil and give your hair the help that it needs. Argan oil is extracted from the argan tree, found in Morocco. It helps provide some of the best benefits for hair, which are as listed below:


1. Tames Frizziness Perfectly:

It can work really well as a serum to tame frizz and fly-away hair. Make sure you use only a few drops when doing this, or otherwise the hair can look very oily.


2. Treats Heat Damaged Hair:

Apply a few drops of argan oil to your hair before using any heat-styling tools like straighteners and blow dryers. The oil would create a protective layer between your hair and the tool.


3. Takes Care Of Sun Damaged Hair:

Yes, your hair too needs protection from the sun. Apply a few drops of argan oil to your hair before stepping out in the sun. This is one of the best benefits that argan oil has for damaged hair.


4. Ideal To Combat Hair Fall:

Massage argan oil on to your scalp. This helps nourish the hair follicles and also makes sure you don't lose your hair follicles.


5. Treats Brittle Hair:

Use argan oil as a deep-conditioning treatment for dry and brittle hair. This has to be left overnight for best results. Do this at least once a week, and the hair damage would actually be reversed.


6. Gives An Envious Shine To The Hair:

Applying a little argan oil on your hair every day would help give it a nice shiny and lustrous look.


7. Good For Maintaining Curls:

If you have curls that are always unruly, this oil can help texturise your curls in no time at all. Plus, it nourishes the curls really well too, as curls can tend to get really dry and easily damaged.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 11, 2017, 18:00 [IST]
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